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Retail Company Case Study

The client is a renowned retail company having several national branches. The company sells over 200 products through channels, including 15 mega retail stores and 2000+ small and medium-sized stores. They already had great marketing campaigns and a dedicated sales team; however, they still couldn’t see desired results and hired us to execute an in-depth sales analysis.

retail sales analysis

The Business Challenges

The client needed to collect data in various formats and file types from different stores. This negatively affected their productivity, and the analysts could not provide reports in a comprehensive manner.

Here, at Cogneesol, we were assigned the project, and we had to build a system that could process and combine data to provide advanced analytics.

There was a need to enhance sales reporting and analytics so that the client could make better business decisions faster.

They were unsure about the accuracy of their sales data and lacked the resources to rectify this issue.

The client was looking for an umbrella solution for all their analytics requirements.

We are surprised with Cogneesol’s sales analysis performance; they have literally surpassed our expectations. We are much thankful to their analysts.

Our Solutions

Cogneesol started the groundwork for pulling new, advanced market and sales insights. For this, we made a plan that included;

  • Categorizing the already-available data
  • Reviewing the client’s sales process
  • Identifying how analytics could help
  • Creating a platform for analytics

Our team of expert analysts utilized various tools, resources, and skills to bring helpful insights for the client’s sales force, helping them make informed decisions.

We also built a practical framework that helped us identify drivers for sales performance quite quickly and easily.

Our analytics services added to the client’s sales analytics and market evaluation capabilities that further brought useful insights and improvement recommendations to all aspects of the client’s company.

We also organized the client’s data chaos, converting it into a piece of easily accessible and actionable information.

The Impactful Results

Our efficient utilization of market intelligence platform and advanced sales analytics brought crucial information, insights for the client’s sales team. It boosted their confidence and provided them the right direction to develop their sales strategies.

The outcomes experienced across the sales department and the company were excellent.

Increased sales:

  • A growth of 20% in revenue (year over year)
  • A growth of 15% in the margin (year over year)
  • Customer scorecards were performing better)
  • Addressed and rectified uncompetitive aspects of sales

Most importantly, the sales team had fully embraced the provided data and made better decisions, which led to gaining a reputation in the market, helping them stand out from their competitors.

Client Testimonials

It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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