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Manufacturing Company Case Study

The client is a producer of eco-friendly PVC doors, blinds, windows. With five ultra-efficient, technology-driven manufacturing plants, the company ensures the production of more than 500 units per day. As the client keeps the production chain optimized and offers quality products, their company is a big player in the US and Canadian markets.

manufacturing brand strategy

The Business Challenges

Although the company is already established and reputed in its industry, it lacks an effective branding strategy . There were several reasons behind that, and one of the major issues was the inconsistency in communication, which raised the following challenges.

A lack of;

  • Clear positioning within their market that is already highly competitive
  • Clear vision about differentiating itself from its competitors
  • Synchronization while targeting different audiences simultaneously – wholesalers/resellers and consumers
  • A strategy to adapt to its target audience’s special requirements
  • Rules about the elements used for the company’s visual identity

We heartily thank Cogneesol for helping us develop into a brand that our audiences can easily remember and recognize at a glance.

Our Solutions

To start, we had detailed discussions with the company’s internal teams and thoroughly analyzed their competitors. We gathered sufficient data to work on developing a brand strategy.

Based on the freshly discovered insights through the research we conducted, we established a market positioning plan and executed it efficiently.

First, based on the insights collected through internal communication, we defined the company’s vision, values, and mission in a transparent manner.

Next, we adopted two different communication styles for each type of audience; a friendly and direct language for consumers (highlighting products’ benefits) while technical, formal, and professional language for wholesalers and resellers.

Our highly-creative graphic designers also modified the company’s logo and made one that could suitably be used for different purposes, including printing materials, such as magazines, ads, posters, etc., as well as for online usage, for instance, on the website, for social media promotions, videos, etc., maintaining the brand consistency across mediums.

The Impactful Results

All the work that was done finally highlighted in a brand manual in the form of a document that could guide associate companies with the production or development of all relevant materials, adding to brand consistency.

With the continuous effort put in by our dedicated, excellent, and experienced team, the company now follows a strong branding strategy . Now they have a prominent position in the market and a way to transmit influential messages to their target audiences.

The company doesn’t need to spend time researching and making different types of promotions. They now have a brand manual with clearly defined guidelines they need to follow for producing effective materials.

Client Testimonials

It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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