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Bookkeeping and Accounting Back Office

US CPA Firm Case Study

The client is a US CPA firm providing bookkeeping, accounting, tax returns preparation, and tax advice to SMEs. Their client base includes; Entrepreneurs, Partnerships, Corporations, and Not-for-Profit Organizations. The CPA firm's clients are divided into real-time clients who have a regular flow of work on a weekly or monthly basis and After-the-Fact market.

accounting back office


  • The client's focus was to service the need of a unique market segment: Small and Midsized Businesses, which had desperate need of professional, personalized, and customized services by the Accounting Firms.
  • The growth targets and long term strategy required a robust and scalable back-office support.
  • Unscheduled spikes in the volume of work from the nature of the clientele.
  • High attrition in their local team and difficulty in getting the right fit employees.
  • Internal Accountants overburdened hence leaving very little time to focus on high-end consultation.
  • Need for cost-cutting due to the current world business scenario.

Cogneesol handles much of our accounting back-office, letting us focus on client satisfaction and retention.


  • An experienced project manager was entrusted to understand the current working structure of the CPA firm.
  • The QuickBooks Enterprise version was hosted on an ASP (www.rightnetworks.com) for real-time access to all stakeholders.
  • Worked with the Customer on creating procedures and manuals and standardize them.
  • The back office team was split into focusing on Real-Time clients and After-the-Fact clients.
  • We shared our established processes with the client and customized particularly to their firm's needs. This helped us to gain our client's confidence in the initial stage.
  • Set up a team with a mix of bookkeepers, Junior Accountants, and Indian CPA level supervisors.
  • Establishment of direct channels of communication between the US office and Indian Operations.


  • Over 50% cost savings.
  • With seamless communication with the CPA firm, we developed guidelines for all different tasks and client types.
  • Client approved processes helped in time management and faster turnaround to end clients.
  • Our internal process focused on Quality, further divided into two levels; first being looked over by our fellow Team Leaders and the final look over by our operations Mentor.
  • The CPA firm's US team could focus more on customer service, consultation, and business advice to its clients.
  • Today 60% of the back-office processing work is handled by the Indian Operations at Cogneesol.

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