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Why Law Firms Take Help of Virtual Legal Assistants?

Last updated: 22 Mar, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

Law firms are one of the cluttered offices- emails, phone calls, social media management, administrative work, and paper documents is all around! However, lawyer’s primary work is attending trials in court, studying on each case, collecting relevant information and interacting with clients for in-depth analysis.

Looking at this scenario, you might be thinking that taking advantage of legal support in-house is an ideal choice. But what about solo practitioners and small law firms who always face budget constraints or don’t have time to manage the recruiting process? Here is where virtual legal assistants come into play!

What is a virtual legal assistant?

A virtual legal assistant is a professional who works remotely for your law practice from anywhere in the country without the need for infrastructure, tools, or other benefits from you. They work on an hourly basis, so it also saves you a few bucks.

Virtual legal assistants came into existence with the evolving technology as staying connected from a distance and accomplishing the assigned task has become possible these days.

Top benefits your law firm can gain by hiring virtual legal assistant services:

1. Saving you time and money- Being a busy attorney, it clearly defines that your staff memebers don’t have enough time as you are always choked up with countless tasks along with team management. But hiring a virtual legal assistant will free up your time.

You don’t have to manage non-core activities, no need to pay employee benefits, no need to provide the required software to the employees, no infrastructure cost, and a lot more. With so much relief, lawyers can easily focus on core legal aspects and save money on unnecessary expenses.

    2. Provide you with better services- Your virtual legal assistant is always equipped with every latest technology, providing you with immense benefits.

    How? You will get efficient, quick and accurate services in no time; you don’t have to pay a single penny for purchasing tools or training your employees. That means you’ll be getting so many things in your decided budget.

    3. Top-notch customer experience- Hiring virtual legal assistant provides top-notch customer experience to your clients. They help you deliver all the promises to your clients and ensure none of your clients is forgotten that mostly happens in every law firm.

    They keep in touch with your clients by sending emails on festivals or birthdays and more. Virtual legal assistants stay one step ahead in every aspect of their professionalism, right from picking up calls of your clients to administration work.

    4. Enhanced overall business efficiency- Working with a virtual legal assistant seems like they are just next to you handling all the administrative tasks in one go. They look after every activity like management of legal documents or contracts, client management, legal research, etc., enhancing the overall efficiency of your law firm.

    Once your internal operations become seamless, your core focus will be improving your skills and delivering better services.

    5. Making you more of a family person- Solo practitioners and small law firms often struggle hard in the initial years and become more of a working person. This eventually impacts the family life.

    But with a virtual legal assistant, you can take a sigh of relief as they ensure that your work is on track and nothing slips out.

    But now the question arises what legal tasks you can outsource to a virtual legal assistant?

    Everything depends on your legal firm requirement. So it is essential that you evaluate your needs and then opt for a virtual legal assistant. However, below I have mentioned some everyday tasks that legal firms usually outsource:

    • Legal research and writing- Legal research and writing are core functions in every legal process, without legal research, none of the lawyers can succeed in their case. But, it is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

    Therefore, opting for virtual legal research and writing services is an ideal choice as these experts hold a professional degree and are equipped with relevant tools to make your process seamless.

    • Contract review and management- Lawyers are always messed up with legal contracts as they are professional with knowledge of legal terms and conditions. So every business hires lawyers to review their contracts.

    This increase the burden of law firms, thus, hiring a virtual legal assistant for contract review and management turns out to be a viable solution. You don’t have to worry about your contract management; they will take care of every legal document accurately.

    • Legal accounting- Managing accounting books is not a cup of tea of lawyers. They lack skills and knowledge of handling accounting books. In such a scenario, outsourcing legal accounting to virtual legal assistants can be of great help, as managing finances is complex, time-consuming and require expertise.

    Virtual legal assistants keep the books up-to-date and give access to lawyers so that they can review their statements whenever they want.

    • Paralegal- Hiring a virtual paralegal assistant can be boon for your legal firm. How? Paralegal includes the tasks of managing and collecting evidence for any lawsuit, administration, responding to emails, calls, and a lot more.

    Hence, virtual paralegals services can manage all these chores within your budget and in no time.

    • Legal data entry- Data entry is the critical process in every business and legal industry is not an exception in this regards. Spending your maximum time on such a non-core task will eventually hamper the growth prospects of your legal firm.

    So outsourcing legal data entry to a reliable virtual assistant will ensure that all your data is accurate and in the required format to make your further processes seamless.

    Wrap up

    While the benefits of virtual legal assistants are growing, now lawyers can stay focused on core legal aspects that will help them to drive business growth and enhance profitability.

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