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Top 10 Tips to Save your Insurance Agency from Becoming Insolvent

Last updated: 25 Apr, 2019 By | 6 Minutes Read

An insurance agency becomes insolvent any time it is struggling to pay off its debts by the due date, or if perhaps it doesn’t have adequate possessions to handle its debts. However, business insolvency doesn’t take place in a single day.

Continuing to keep a close eye on your business’ productivity as well as cash flow brings you an early word of caution with regards to upcoming complications and time to do something to steer clear of insolvency. There are a few the actions you may take to abstain from insolvency.

Our 10 years of experience in the insurance sector have guided us to put together our ten best tips for averting formal insolvency for your business.

1. Have an official business plan: 

Put together a business plan and modify it on a regular basis. The plan must specify the preferred path of the insurance business and put down how this is to be accomplished.

2. Identify where your agency is & manage where it is heading to: 

Make sure you understand the existing financial position of your agency and keep it in check to ensure that it moves in the correct direction – put together estimations for a minimum of a year ahead and revise these on a monthly basis; put together month-to-month management accounts. Customers inform us they do not have the time and energy to generate management accounts. To put it accurately, they don’t get the time NOT to.

3. Understand your market: 

Make sure that you understand your market, to ensure that your product(s) is/are appropriately valued and promoted. This procedure must be a continuing one.

4. Stretch your risk: 

Do not set a lot of dependence on just one customer or provider. Think about getting credit insurance coverage against a customer’s inability to pay. Accept any kind of guarantees that you are able to.

5. Always remember that turnover is vanity, money is king and profit is sanity: 

Have distinct credit control processes, describing the way complications must be handled. They must be cast in stone regardless of the customer. Take into account using the services of outside financial debt collectors on a no-collection, no-fee occurrence. Credit-check all new clients. Evaluate all customer credit limitations each year and don’t hesitate to rectify the conditions or limitations.

6.Think about additional options for funding: 

Asset-based financing may transform assets into cash in case funding is an issue, and invoice discounting is a great means of financing a developing business, however, it’s crucial that any kind of secured debt is wiped out as soon as the incurred asset is discarded and factoring financial obligations can intensify any economic difficulties in businesses which are not developing.

7. Utilize retention of title appropriately: 

In case appropriate, incorporate retention of title (RoT) clause in your trading conditions. Make sure that the clause is designed by a solicitor, providing you with the highest protection. In case a customer gets formally insolvent, show up at the customer’s premises as quickly as possible to fix and concur the goods over which you are collecting RoT.

8. Do not settle-back in case a customer gets bust: 

If you happen to be having outstanding money, inform the nominated insolvency specialist of your claim immediately, to maximize your involvement. Try not to think that you will get nothing, yet on the other hand, do not believe that you are going to get an early dividend.

9.Outsource insurance agency management tasks: 

In case it is becoming to pay your in-house employees their wages because of the cash crunch, it is a wise decision to outsource your insurance agency management tasks to a reliable service provider.

10. Take professional guidance early: 

Get professional advice from an authorized Insolvency Practitioner right away if you feel that you’re going towards bankruptcy. This is going to protect your position and assist you in evading personal liability.

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Let us at Cogneesol help your insurance business from getting insolvent. We are a professional ISO 9001:2008 certified insurance back-office outsourcing company helping agencies across the globe. Call at +1 (646) 688-2821 to know more about our offerings.

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