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Blog » Outsource Invoice Processing Services – Pros and Cons

Outsource Invoice Processing Services – Pros and Cons

Last updated: 19 Oct, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

Outsource Invoice Processing Services

Traditionally, when manual methods held sway, accounts departments were undergoing a wave of  invoices, vouchers, and other documents. It was difficult to sort them by client category, ensuring timely payments, and preventing missed deadlines. This cumbersome scenario underwent a transformative shift as businesses began to seek ways to trim costs, save precious time for core activities, and streamline the accounts payable process to gain swift insights into their financial health.

Nevertheless, there was a significant caveat. To streamline the process, businesses have to make substantial investments in the latest accounting software and recruit trained professionals to oversee. This posed a formidable challenge for businesses, who were working on razor thin profit margins. The solution, however, lies in the concept of outsourcing—the delegation of invoice processing tasks to specialized service providers. Invoice processing services offer the promise of delivering high-quality results at significantly reduced costs.

The impact of this shift was twofold. First, strategically deploy financial savings to offer products and services at highly competitive rates, thereby gaining a decisive edge in the industry. Second, by liberating businesses from the shackles of closely monitoring invoices, they could channel their time and resources toward business growth and development.

Outsourcing the processing of invoices quickly became a cornerstone of modern business operations. Yet, is it truly the panacea it appears to be? Do the advantages significantly outweigh any potential pitfalls? You can answer these questions by carefully examining the pros and cons inherent in this practice.

The Pros of Outsourcing Invoice Processing

  • Single source processing – To prevent a flood of incoming mail, simply change the mailing address on invoices to that of the outsourced agency. They will be able to directly receive, date stamp, scan and upload invoices to you for authentication. Putting the date stamp is crucial as every invoice has a payment deadline after receipt. Once the sanctioning authorities approve and pass them for payment, processing will be initiated, and a track will be kept during the full life cycle of the invoices. This action itself is enough to reduce your workload by several notches.
  • Sophisticated Software used by outsourced agencies – Invoice processing services has the latest accounting software to facilitate their work. Nothing is done manually. State of the art recognition tools scan the invoices, and all fields like client ID, date of invoice, due date, amounts, and any special instructions are automatically captured in the system. This speeds up the process manifold and is also highly accurate since any possibility of human error is totally eliminated.

If you analyze the pros and cons, you’ll find that the benefits of the former far outweigh the cons. The latter are merely logistic issues related to mostly electronic invoices. The bulk of the invoice processing system runs on well-oiled wheels and is extremely advantageous for any business.

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