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Blog » Objectives of Cash Flow Management – Infographic

Objectives of Cash Flow Management – Infographic

Last updated: 23 Jul, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

cash flow management

Cash Flow Management is critical in the financial world and holds significant sway over businesses of all sizes. It delineates cash inflows and outflows, elucidating changes in cash position between balance sheet dates. An error in cash flow wreaks havoc on a firm’s financial system.

A report by the U.S. Small Business Administration found that inadequate capital is the #2 reason why small businesses tend to fail. Moreover, approximately 43% of those who needed funds and tried obtaining bank financing couldn’t get it.

Cash flow management helps companies sustain working capital, liquidity, and funds for growth and expansion. Monitoring and analyzing cash flows ensures that future cash flows can be projected accurately.

Furthermore, businesses can plan for cash payments in advance while conducting regular business operations and take necessary action as and when required.

Efficient cash flow revolves around reducing collection periods, negotiating favorable terms with suppliers, and meticulous financial planning. This fosters effective fund allocation, covering operational expenses, exploring investments, and maintaining ample cash reserves.

Late bill payments can lead to dire consequences like penalties, damaged relationships, and supplier/customer grievances. Severe cash flow constraints may even force a business to incur debt or face closure.

It underscores the indispensable need to nurture a healthy and well-managed cash flow for the sustenance and growth of any enterprise.

We at Cogneesol help you save time, money, and effort by providing effective outsourced accounting services to reduce financial pressure with efficient cash flow management.

Here is the informative infographic that will explain the objectives of cash flow management:

objectives of cash flow management