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Blog » Insurers’ Priorities to Overcome ‘New-World’ Challenges

Insurers’ Priorities to Overcome ‘New-World’ Challenges

Last updated: 15 Sep, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

Insurers priorities

Top challenges facing the insurance industry

According to the Annual Insurance Review,  natural disasters, ESG responsibilities, and cyber risks will be the top concern for insurers. These will be over and above the risks arising from the new-age normal. It includes banking and corporate meltdowns, crypto rollercoasters, Russia-Ukraine triggered supply-chain imbalances. In addition to the claims arising out of regular health and safety risks, construction sector delays, and property market risks.

Climate change, ESG, cyber and the continuing conflict in Ukraine remain centre stage for the insurance industry, creating both new opportunities for insurers and new challenges from a claims and coverage perspective….The headwinds that the economy is creating will also prove a significant challenge. Recessions normally mean more claims against professional advisers. For insurers the challenge is establishing which professions will be most exposed this time around”, said Simon Laird, Global Head of Insurance at RPC.

Back to the Basics! Insurers’ Priorities to overcome these challenges

To fight economic headwinds, it has been back to the basics for most insurers – improve operations excellence and customer experience.

The following levers will be the most effective ways to address both these areas:

  • Automation, a core enabler:Today, technology is no longer an optional, good-to-have enabler as it used to be previously; it is a core enabler now. Insurers can no longer ignore the imperative to automate their processes”, says Ashim Khurana, COO of Cogneesol.

Insurers rely heavily on technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), telematics, blockchain technology, and machine learning (ML). This is to simplify their operations and fortify the processes for efficiency, effectiveness and future-readiness. Claims processing, underwriting, P&C insurance, health insurance, and life insurance are using new-age technologies to streamline processes, and reduce fraud.

  • The power of data analytics: Data analytics have assumed the role of a gamechanger in the insurance sector. Data is available at a staggering scale in all insurance organizations. When harnessed systematically, they aid in risk re-evaluation, loss prevention, customer experience improvement, enhanced efficiency, and productivity, and enable quick decision making. They also lead to better financial performance, identification and creation of new product and service offerings, improved customer acquisition and retention, and competitive advantage.

Cogneesol has been a frontrunner in solutions for insurers

With an experience of close to fifteen years, Cogneesol has been a frontrunner in servicing insurance clients including, insurance carriers, agencies, brokers, wholesalers, and MGAs, across product lines and services. From basic, manual and repetitive tasks to complex, decision-making processes, we have been helping clients streamline operations, tackle business disruptions and enhance their competitive positioning. Leveraging our domain expertise and application of technology, data, and analytics, we offer industry-defining insurance BPO solutions. Alongside, we have ramped up our capabilities across AI, ML and data analytics to provide a 360-degree value proposition to our clients.

Some of our recent achievements include:

  1. Automation across critical time bound tasks and customer service have enabled our clients to efficiently service their end customers . We have helped our clients offer maximum customer convenience. Our automation exercises are ongoing, and bring value to our client relationships on a continuous basis
  2. Cogneesol’s data analytics team for insurance offer cutting-edge descriptive and predictive data analytics solutions. It had helped our clients in making informed decisions for their business. We work with client teams to identify relevant data sets, uncover trends and patterns, and draw correlations. We streamline large amounts of raw data to help make data-informed business decisions. Additionally, our team of data analytics and scrutinize data faster to help clients answer important questions quickly. They are adept at using huge volume of data across varied sources to identify opportunities and risks, thereby helping clients to move quickly and efficiently in the fast-changing market landscape. Our services help clients understand customer needs better and accordingly map product development. Alongside, our analytics exercises study market trends, customers’ purchase behavior, and aid in focused selling

In a world where product complexities have become the norm, it is adaptability and responsiveness that help insurers find the way out and make their mark”, says Ashim. At Cogneesol, we have a proven track record of walking the path with our clients to build adaptability, agility, flexibility and responsiveness in their operations.

Contact us at [email protected] / 833 313 3143 to understand how our insurance bpo services can help you in tackling challenges. Our existing client stories and ongoing improvement levers will build your confidence in our insurance BPO services.