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Blog » How to Handle the Challenges Faced While Catalog Product Data Entry?

How to Handle the Challenges Faced While Catalog Product Data Entry?

Last updated: 15 Mar, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Catalog Product Data Entry

Managing an eCommerce store poses significant challenges in catalog product data entry, especially when dealing with a vast array of products. The sheer volume of thousands of SKUs necessitates consistent updates and maintenance of the product catalog. Tackling the catalog product data entry challenges becomes a time-intensive and cumbersome task, requiring a diligent approach to ensure accurate and up-to-date information is presented to customers.

Typical e-commerce catalog product data entry challenges  faced by retailers:

1. Continuous Updating of Products

Retailers need to update their products’ SKUs depending on the kind of product they sell and where they sell it. There may be a lot of factors behind updating products. It could be as a result of changes in the cost, the latest inclusions of products, or perhaps additional reasons. You need to invest considerable time in adding and management of these items.

2. Multi-Channel Selling

If you happen to be selling on several channels like your own customized store, Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces, then your primary objective is to list your products concurrently. It is a rather challenging task for each and every channel, which possesses its own standards for adding products. For instance, Amazon’s product categories are completely different from eBay’s. Accomplishing catalog product entry on eBay and Amazon is fairly distinct from the method you use to upload products on your custom store. In case you add using the same method, then your listings might stay unfinished. In this case, you would probably not fulfill your customer’s expectations.

3. Managing Supplier Data

Oftentimes, the data we obtain from the supplier is incorrect and inadequate for product listing. For instance, they may spell the color orange “ORG” to “og.” Then, it requires considerable time to reformat or perhaps make them persistent. It would be a huge concern for merchants since there are lots of components like these that must be fixed before any product batch uploading.

4. Increasing the Current Product Catalog

It makes it difficult to add more SKUs in case your product catalog is currently disorganized. In such a case, you will have just 2 alternatives. One is going back and cleaning up your SKUs, and the other is living with inappropriate product quality. As a result, it creates a huge challenge for merchants to increase their product catalog. It has got to be perfect from the very first day of catalog formation.

5. Data Quality Uniformity

Keeping up with uniformity in data all through the complete product catalog is definitely difficult for a seller or merchant who deals with a lot of suppliers and lists their products on multiple channels simultaneously. There exist a lot of ads for data conflict, misspelling, missing data, incorrect descriptions, or even attributes. To provide your customers with a great shopping experience, you have to concentrate on data quality uniformity and maintain your listings complete, correct, and reliable.

6. Options                       

Should you not have enough time and know-how to manage the above-outlined problems, then you can definitely e-commerce product data entry services to us at Cogneesol. We have over a decade of experience in consistently handling catalog processing tasks, listing products on multiple channels, handling supplier data, extending the current product catalog, and keeping up with data quality uniformity.

We provide you with customized solutions depending on your particular requirements, which not only save you time and money but also a considerable amount of effort. With our quick, precise, and economical eCommerce catalog processing services, you can always keep your catalog complete, accurate, and up-to-date. Furthermore, by allocating these kinds of everyday tasks to us, you can possibly concentrate on other more essential business procedures and keep your e-commerce store ahead of your competition. To get an understanding of our services, call us at +1 646-688-2821 or email us at [email protected].

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