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Blog » How Insurance BPO Services Can Help Insurance Companies Grow

How Insurance BPO Services Can Help Insurance Companies Grow

Last updated: 08 Sep, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

Insurance Bpo Services

The insurance sector is going through a broad change considering today’s dynamic and complex business environment. Apart from strict regulations, growing competition across lines and markets is arising a whole new set of challenges including;

  • Low operational output compared to competitors
  • Diminishing turnover ratios
  • Difficulties in establishing competitive pricing
  • And to name a few

Over the last decade, many insurance companies have been tackling operational challenges with outsourcing. 

Companies are investing in insurance bpo services as a strategic opportunity to thrive in uncertain times. It helps streamline back-office operations, reduce operating costs, survive challenging times, and set a solid foundation for growth. 

According to a survey report, 76% of insurers feel their competitive advantage is determined by the strength of external partners and ecosystems more than internal processes. Source

Most insurers outsource, not considering costs but to meet their skills and capacity needs.

Insurance BPO Market Size & Forecast

The insurance bpo market, valued at %5.8 billion in 2020, is likely to grow at a CAGR of 4.20% from 2021 to 2028, reaching $10.2 billion by 2028. Source

With new and improved regulations are being enforced globally, insurers are experiencing an increase in the cost of regulatory compliance. In addition, the global pandemic conditions are arising fraud possibilities, and insurance companies are seeking effective solutions. Especially for back-office operations like renewals and loss run processing, insurers are opting for insurance bpo services.

Insurers expect a fast economic recovery and plan to invest in digital technology in 2022. In fact, around one-third of the survey respondents expect to see revenues as significantly better. How? With the growing demand for insurance, it is expected to rise over the coming years continuously. 

Insurance BPO – One Solution for All Your Process-related Challenges

As an insurance business owner, are you facing challenges in managing operations such as: 

  • Process improvements 
  • Talent acquisition 
  • High-rising costs 

A reliable insurance firm can help you. Over the years, insurance bpo providers have accelerated their capabilities in terms of capacity, quality, efficiency, scalability, and cost reduction.  So let’s discuss some services you can outsource to meet your insurance company goals.

Commenting on the insurance BPO market report, an analyst from the publishing team said: “The outsourcing of complex processes such as actuarial analysis and underwriting and analytics support has increased in recent years and is expected to increase further during the forecast period. There has been a significant increase in the demand for outsourcing underwriting and analytics support activities in the Insurance market.”

Increasing demand for BPOs and cloud-based solutions can be seen as an opportunity for the insurance BPO market. 

Insurance Services You Can Outsource

Policy Issuance

Policy issuance is one of the most commonly outsourced insurance services. Your partner bpo firm can manage the complete suite of functions under policy issuance. Be it document review, collaboration with underwriter or managing a software they have your back. 

Insurance bpo firms generally have skilled staff experienced in managing in-depth functions of policy issuance across lines like life, home, motor, P&C, etc.; they can prove to help streamline policy issuance. This fast processing of policies can result in more business per month, leading to higher productivity and profitability.

Policy Renewals

By outsourcing policy renewal services, insurance companies can rest assured of timely processing, data security, and complete compliance. For example, your partner firm can help you set up a dedicated system for sending renewal reminders in advance. In addition, they use the latest technology to ensure all changes made in policies are recorded before finally processing renewal. In fact, they document all changes to reduce the effort when the renewal date arrives.

Policy Checking

If you partner with a reliable insurance bpo firm, you can get complete support with one of the significant back-office tasks – policy checking. The service provider will detect errors, determine missing customer information, and take appropriate actions as required. This helps reduce underwriters’ workload, enabling them to get more time for other crucial, more complex work.

The service assures quality checks across policy issuance phases, from document collection to compliance assurance and issuing the policy to the end customer – all done smooth and fast.

Claims Management

The worst an insurance company can dream of is processing fraudulent claims. Unfortunately, fraud claims have increased in the past couple of years, and due to the increasing complexity of COVID-19-related conditions, it is becoming more challenging to find if a claim is a fraud or not.

Insurance bpo service providers have skilled and experienced staff determined to investigate that can manage claims management from end to end. Not only that, you can expect complete, flexible scalability in services according to your requirements.

Apart from verifying policy information, checking coverages, and resolving liability accounts, they use AI- and ML-powered systems to detect fraudulent claims faster.

Loss Run Processing

Loss run reports are vital reports insurance companies need to make informed decisions, especially for renewals. The data you need to generate loss runs should contain information from past claims and settlements of up to 5 years.

The data from these reports help you set a suitable premium for the future and prepare the right policies. In addition, with insurance BPO, you can get detailed loss run reports and additional support such as analytical services to gain valuable insights crucial to making sound policy-related decisions.

How Does Insurance BPO Help?

A Larger Pool of Talent

There’s a lot of transactional work done by insurance professionals at companies, but they do not always have the most suitable talent in place, resulting in a shortage of skilled and suitable resources. Outsourcing insurance back-office operations to a trusted insurance bpo firm ensures you access a large pool of insurance specialists trained to bring the best output in insurance operations, which adds to the company’s overall performance.


When you experience a high-rising workload, for example, claims-related work has suddenly gone to a peak. To resolve these queries, you might devote some staff members from other departments. But instead, you could outsource claims administration and let your in-house staff continue to manage what they are best at. That way, you get specialized insurance professionals best suited for niche jobs.

Cost Reduction

As you get highly qualified, broadly experienced, and professionally trained insurance specialists to work for you, you can increase your company’s operational capacity, performance, and productivity. And since they provide their expertise at a fraction of the costs compared with in-house staff, you can save enough in the form of less expenditure on salaries, perks, healthcare, and paid leaves.

More Time & Focus on Growth

Running an insurance company is not easy; it requires undivided attention to transactional and core business operations, strategy development, etc. However, while overseeing back-office operations, you might end up having less time for looking into business performance and planning its progress.

Outsourcing enables you to rest assured regarding back-office operations being managed well, while you can spend more time, energy, and focus on core business operations and business growth strategies.


    The advantages of outsourcing are many; however, it would only be possible to obtain them if you choose a partner that offers an excellent bpo model. At Cogneesol, we are known to provide insurance outsourcing services that bring standardized processes and a rationalized delivery model, catering to unique client needs.

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