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Finacial And Accounting

Finance and Accounting Services

Today, CPAs and CFOs around the globe have to face multiple and quite often contravening challenges. On one hand, they are expected to prepare the establishment to support growth in the near future by investing in resources. Meanwhile, on the other hand, they have an obligation to adopt cost-cutting methodologies.

Recent reports signify the fact that the majority of CPAs and CFOs feel their financial systems underused. With increasing scrutiny by governments and shareholders in the shadow of the latest economical restraints, companies are obligated to be open-eyed and careful about the true and just depiction of the account book. A venial slip in this case can cost to the organization in financial or non-financial terms.

Cogneesol's Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services are outlined to support the client by setting up compliance and controls, equalizing expenditure and growth, cutting down the cash cycle and increasing the ROI.

Our Financial Services:

We follow a lot of unique strategies, which include standardisation of procedures, benchmarking and automation to create superior quality outputs in the form of statutory, administrative and management reports.

Following are the means with which we help CPAs and CFOs in transforming their business operations and handling major global challenges with the help of our Finance and Accounting BPO Services:

Cost/Value: Changes Leading to Process Improvement

  • Scaling down operational costs involving finance and procurement
  • Aiming at short and long term savings to self-fund investment ventures in the future
  • Establishing business value, for instance, improving business metrics and reporting
  • Reducing and managing spend categories more expeditiously and effectively

Capacity: Flexible Procedures, Models and Support

  • Extensible delivery and operations support for tremendous growth on a global level
  • Create flexible cost structures; change semi-fixed costs to variable
  • Transferring resources to highly valued functions

Capabilities: Scalability, Innovation and Skills

  • Applying best practices throughout the industries
  • Having access to on-demand global talent pool, steady innovation, and acquisitions
  • Access to advanced technology; pay as you go as opposed to pay in advance

Controls: Analyzing, Tracking and Managing Risk

  • Maintaining and amending administration and internal controls
  • Synergetic management of virtual global teams and assets

We serve our clients in a significant cross-section of industries by handling the core process areas of finance and accounting that are important for their business.

At Cogneesol, We have Country Specific Support Teams:

Business Value:

Improvements in the processes, resulting in benefits more than the yearly contract value, such as the following:

  • Up to 50% diminution in the Chart of Accounts bringing about a major decrement in the month-end closing cycle by almost 8%
  • Up to 40% growth in productiveness over the life of the SLA with the help of extended improvement and lean undertakings
  • Up to 70% cutback in turnaround time for order management

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