Mitigating process delays and improving accuracy led to a 17% jump in sales, improved compliance scores, and an increase in capacity

The Client:

One of the largest trucking insurance companies in the USA.

Scope of Work

Policy Change Requests.

The Client:

Process Bottlenecks

The average handling time for each change request was pegged at 10-12 minutes. However, delays were caused owing to necessary process-level manual interventions. This further exposed the process to high error rates, which in turn led to customer dissatisfaction.

The client sought a seamless, error-free process to manage the change requests.

Cogneesol’s Optimization Solution

Backed by its wide range of exposure to change requests across product lines, our team conducted swift due diligence of the operations and suggested putting in place a specialized customer care team to process change requests on a real-time basis. The operating model was to deploy Cogneesol’s specialists as virtual agents to support the client’s Account Managers (AMs) onshore.

In the testing phase, this model generated 20% more in new business. In the BAU stage now, we have one agent of Cogneesol offshore for four AMs. Further, we have:

  • Established email templates to save time on email dispatch
  • Institutionalized pdf templates to generate new proofs from the system
  • Change acknowledgment to customers are sent in real-time taking advantage of the 12-hour shift window to cover east to west coast locations of the USA

It is amazing how Cogneesol helped us create almost 50% more capacity. It was huge! And completely helped in expanding our business. Working with them has been most lucrative!

Impact Delivered

Our overarching solution to manage the time-taking and error-prone change request process delivered an accuracy of over 99.95 percent across the process from 87%.

  • Created extra capacity for the Account Manager by saving 4 hours per day per AM
  • This value creation led to an increase in sales by 17% as the account managers were able to concentrate on relationship-building activities

Client Testimonials

It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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