Responsive Payroll Processing, Corrective ERP Changes Improve Payout Accuracy and Employee Satisfaction Levels, Eliminate Regulatory Penalties

The Client:

A UK-based insurance company providing motorcycle insurance, offering technical expertise and customer experience to riders across the country.

Scope of Work

Complete support with:

  • Employee master maintenance
  • Time-card entry management
  • Salary review and adjustments
  • Statutory compliances and reporting
  • Workplace pension management
The Client:

Process Bottlenecks

With over 500 employees and an annual payroll cost of £12Mn, the client’s payroll processes had turned convoluted. The accuracy was as low as 94%, leading to delayed processing and adjustment calculations, regulatory fines and penalties. On one hand, these caused high employee dissatisfaction, and on the other, significant cash drain to the company.

Cogneesol’s Optimization Solution

With the onboarding of Cogneesol as an end-to-end solutions provider, our team undertook in-depth due diligence of the payroll processes. A number of issues were identified, including non-value-add steps that caused the delays and gaps in the ERP systems. We worked with the client’s payroll SMEs and IT team to bring about the following changes:

  • Eliminated non-value adds from the process
  • Made changes on the client payroll system, including automation assessment to streamline inputs linking the same
  • Set up a helpdesk to streamline employee issues

Our payroll processing has been a constant source of stress. We’d regularly pay penalties owing to non-compliance. Cogneesol simply delivered us from all troubles. They straightened our processes, making them sustainable. Payroll processing has been our success story since then. Thank You, Team!

Impact Delivered

By implementing the redefined procedures and controls, Cogneesol’s team was able to turn around the payroll process and deliver immediate results:

  • Reduced compliance issues to nil
  • Zero regulatory penalties due to delay in payroll cycle since the last two years
  • Error rate less than 1% for over a year now
  • High employee satisfaction rate from 90% to 100%

Client Testimonials

It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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