Cogneesol helps a US-based law firm effect $8.5 million settlement in a construction accident case

The Client:

A US-based law firm specializing in construction accidents, medical malpractice, consumer class action, traumatic injury, and interstate trucking (motor vehicle accident).

Scope of Work

Preparation of deposition summaries and summaries of medical records and bills.

The Client

Process Bottlenecks

Challenges the client faced before signing on Cogneesol’s personal injury litigation services :

  • Low success rate owing to poor quality of evidence compilation
  • High paralegal cost from inefficient utilization of research resources
  • Inept time management with regard to the timely delivery of court documents

Cogneesol’s Optimization Solution

With Cogneesol’s legal experts deployed to turnaround the ongoing inefficiencies, the first goal was to map out a new doer-checker workflow. A clear set of responsibilities was assigned to the team with respect to thorough research and meticulous summary drafts. Review lines were established to ensure 100% quality and accuracy.

  • Team streamlined the large set of documents in chronological order and summarized the medical records and bills in the given time frame.
  • While working on Medical Malpractice cases, the team pointed out various flaws in treatment notes and helped the attorney with the case file.

It’s been very easy and stress-free since Cogneesol took over a few of our base activities. Their research and analysis are exhaustive and accurate. Therefore, we have a lot more time in our hands to concentrate on winning suits.

Impact Delivered

With Cogneesol picking up the groundwork and administrative tasks of the firm, the client attorneys focused on core activities, reading only the important part of the deposition, thus saving significant time. Our team further:

  • Helped the firm win a $290,000 medical malpractice case
  • Supported the firm for an $8,450,000 mediation-stage settlement for ten critically injured persons

Client Testimonials

It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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