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Drafting Services

The Client:

US-based personal injury law firm.

Scope of Work

Drafting of summons and complaints, discovery documents, personal injury demand letters, and responses to discovery documents served by the opposite party.

The Client:

Process Bottlenecks

The client firm was reeling under a low success rate and high paralegal cost owing to:

  • Poor handling of the discovery process by the in-house team
  • Lost cases due to poor evidence gathering

Lost cases due to poor evidence gathering

Cogneesol’s Optimization Solution

At Cogneesol, we deployed a team of personal injury experts who were trained on drafting demand letters with a concise review of the facts of the case, calculating the quantum, taking into consideration injuries suffered, with special emphasis on pain and suffering.

The team follows meticulous processes of evidence gathering to build case arguments. Discovery being the most important stage of the case, we ensure that draft discovery questions seek the correct information from the opposite party.

These save attorney time considerably and also provide him with easy referenceable case summaries, helping the firm draw up powerful complaints, interrogatories, demand letters, requests for admission, amongst others, thereby driving up the success rate.

We are extremely satisfied with Cogneesol’s drafting support. Their work is exhaustive. Working with them has increased our success rate and reduced our trial costs.

Impact Delivered

Cogneesol helps the US-based personal injury law firm reduce trial costs by settling cases at the pre-litigation stage, achieving high-value verdicts and compensations for clients.

Drafting of settlement demand letters at the pre-litigation stage brought down the client’s trial costs significantly. Owing to our excellent demand letter writing skills, our team helped the client:

  • Achieve jury verdict in a motor vehicle accident case and get compensated with $200,000; $150,000 compensation in a slip and fall case
  • Settle many claims worth $100,000 at the pre-litigation stage
  • Consolidated amount – 50Mn settled at pre-litigation stage

Client Testimonials

It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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