Outsource Function -
Document Extraction

The Client:

A US-based cloud solution provider company offering trends and insights into commercial real estate markets.

Scope of Work

Lease Documents Extraction Services

The Client:

Process Bottlenecks

The client faced time constraints and cost overruns over the in-depth study of commercial lease agreements, often with a large set of clients.

Cogneesol’s Optimization Solution

In order to optimize the client’s operational performance through faster lease reviews and increased cost savings, Cogneesol designed and deployed a customized lease management framework for the client:

  • Identified the different types of lease documents such as signed lease, unsigned lease, lease abstract, rent roll, appraisal, file documents
  • Defined a mechanism for data, key terms extraction from the portal Amazon Sagemaker. Annotated documents in the software tool as per the client's instructions and helped fix software bugs
  • Annotated commercial lease agreements with a number of tenants in a given time frame and streamlined data capture for the numerous fields in the documents leading to a simplification of the process

Cogneesol has given us a skimmed process that delivers on quality and accuracy. What was once a time-consuming and tedious process is now timely and precise.

Impact Delivered

Cogneesol helps the client achieve overheads reduction through optimized processes.

By partnering with Cogneesol, the client company got the benefits of an institutionalized and optimized document extraction and summarization system. This significantly lowered their department costs. Additionally, our solution entailed minimal deployment effort, resulting in overall reduced overheads and freeing up of resources for more critical work.

Lease documents abstracted – 10,000

Client Testimonials

It is always a pleasure to learn that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences.

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