NodeJS Developer
Experience: 1 to 4 yrs Location: Mohali

Technical and Soft Skill sets required:

  • Development of back-end software and APIs for mobile apps, web services, CRM&ERP etc.
  • Develop the concept and design of technical solutions based on business needs.
  • Gathering and analysing application technical requirements.
  • Build and deploy working reusable software following the agile principle.
  • Define and conduct integration and unit testing.
  • Prevent identify and resolve any anomalies.
  • Contribute to the continual improvement of our design and development process.
  • Good knowledge of OOP, design patterns, asynchronous programming, micro services, concurrency, transactions, and modern JavaScript development techniques.
  • Experience of work with Express.js, HapiJS (Or other JS frameworks) Serverless, Amazon AWS.
  • Experience with package managers npm/yarn.
  • Experience with various relational and NoSQL databases, such as MySQL/PostgreSQL, Mongo, Redis, GraphDB.
  • Experience with automated build and test frameworks.
  • Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds.
  • Experience in building highly scalable, secure, and high throughput services with sub second response times.
  • Develop new business-led features with an emphasis on performance and user experience.
  • Experience in consuming web services (REST, GraphQL) and processing data (JSON).
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as SVN or GIT.

Qualification requirements:

  • Any Graduate/ Postgraduate - in Computer Science
  • Experience of 2+ years using NodeJS in various applications/projects.


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