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Why Legal Process Outsourcing Is An Emerging Need Of Law Firms?

Last updated: 30 Apr, 2021 By | 6 Minutes Read

Law firms around the world, like most industries today, have realized that it pays to outsource services that do not form a part of their core competencies and concentrate on getting more business and offering value added services. This trend had gained in importance within the legal fraternity during the global recession and meltdown when law firms were inundated with fresh cases of litigation. They were hard to put to deal with the crisis with the same level of resources available.

Hiring competent people and setting up required infrastructure to deal with the surge in new business would be a time taking a process that the firms could ill afford. The only option before them was to opt for legal process outsourcing services and simultaneously reap a large number of benefits.

What then are the advantages that have created an emerging need for law firms to go for legal process outsourcing –

Focus on core competencies

By opting for outsourcing law firms can concentrate on core activities while spinning off regular research work to the legal outsourcing company. Hence, law firms specializing in class-action lawsuits can outsource mundane claims classification while transactional lawyers can parcel out drafting contracts and due diligence tasks to agencies who have acquired professional expertise in these areas.

Such examples can be found in every branch of the legal process. Lawyers by doing so have time to concentrate on new clients and offer greater levels of personalized services.

Outsourcing of such services also results in lower operating costs as external service providers hire the best legal luminaries to provide optimized service levels at a fraction of the cost due to wage differentials prevailing between countries. These savings is better utilized in offering legal services at competitive rates.

    Increased business opportunities

    It was not so long ago that major legal cases were handled only by top law firms as they had the necessary manpower resources and other infrastructure in place. As a result, small firms, individual practitioners and localized boutique firms lost out on business opportunities. Not anymore…

    The emergence of strong and professionally capable litigation support outsourcing have helped these small firms to a great extent as they can outsource the tedious and time taking processing and research work while garnering more business. Not only that, they get the benefits of cheaper rates when they outsource the tasks that would have cost them a bundle in their own countries.

    Advanced levels of data security

    Legal outsourcing agencies have advanced data security systems in place that has instilled a sense of confidence in law firms. It is a very crucial aspect for them because reams of personal data of clients are involved as well as confidential details of cases.

    In certain areas such as bankruptcy cases, taxation and immigration litigation, data security is very important. It has to be kept in mind that client confidentially is high on the priority list of the legal profession all over the world and today they are maintaining the standards expected of them in this regard.

    These are some of the reasons why availing legal process outsourcing has become the topmost emerging need for law firms.

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