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Blog » Why Law Firms Outsource their Legal Research And Writing?

Why Law Firms Outsource their Legal Research And Writing?

Last updated: 21 Feb, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

outsource legal research and writing

In recent years, the legal industry has undergone significant changes. Legal process outsourcing services and the usage of social media for promotion are the major trends that have become popular in recent times. Law firms are now using legal process outsourcing for different tasks like paralegal, legal research, legal writing, litigation support, legal accounting, etc. Many law firm management are facing a dilemma regarding whether to consider such services or not and for which function. It all depends on the particular requirements of a law firm.

Legal research and writing are an important part of the legal process. These tasks include –

  • Litigation and non-litigation research,
  • Statutory research,
  • Multi-jurisdictional surveys,
  • Case law research,
  • Foreign law research,
  • Regulatory/compliance law research,
  • Legislation research, motions,
  • Appellate briefs,
  • Trial briefs,
  • Legal memoranda,
  • Complaints,
  • Pleadings etc.

These services involve a lot of time and effort. Many law firms’ management are looking for legal research services to reduce the burden on their lawyers and reduce their operational costs.

Reasons why outsourcing legal research services for lawyers are becoming popular:

1. Outsourcing enables you to concentrate on activities in which you are best at

There are many lawyers who find legal research and writing a tedious process. Each lawyer has his own strong points and areas where he might not be good. So, for lawyers who enjoy interacting with clients and courtroom debates more than doing legal research and writing work, outsourcing is a good option. This offers them an opportunity to concentrate on the activities in which they are good at and like performing.

2. Helpful in relieving work pressure

Legal research & writing are definitely a strenuous activity. Most of the popular law firms are generally overloaded with work. At times, the work pressure becomes so excessive that the quality of work gets affected. In such cases, using the outsourcing option is a good idea. Using third-party services can not only enhance work efficiency but also help lawyers maintain a better work-life balance.

3. Brings cost efficiency to the table

Outsourcing helps eliminate the need to employ some lawyers, pay regular salaries, and offer them infrastructure. Moreover, as most of the outsourcing services are based in developing nations like India, China, Argentina, etc., the remuneration they charge is much less than the local wage rates in nations like the USA, UK, Canada, etc. So outsourcing offers an opportunity to save valuable finances.

4. Access to the qualified team

There is an old saying that two heads are better than one. When you hire services of law office management, you get access to another proficient team apart from your own legal team. The outsourced legal team might offer some insights that your in-house team might not be able to offer. This can help in offering better services to clients.

5. Enables you to handle all types of cases and cater to the needs of all clients

A law firm deals in different types of cases. But there is always a chance of a customer asking for services in which the lawyers of a law firm are not specialized. For example, suppose a law firm specializes in dealing with civil and criminal cases but receives a customer asking for services related to taxation. In such a scenario, the law firm can fulfill the client’s requirements by using outsourcing legal accounting services. In this way, outsourcing can help in strengthening the customer base of a law firm.

The above-mentioned information can help law firms in considering the outsourcing option for legal research and writing tasks by understanding its advantages.

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