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Blog » Why Would Companies Opt to Outsource Data Entry Services?

Why Would Companies Opt to Outsource Data Entry Services?

Last updated: 15 Mar, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Outsource Data Entry

The reason differs between industries and sectors, but there is a common denominator for all. There is the need to save on large-scale investments in setting up processing infrastructure and avoid recruitment of specialized data entry manpower, thereby reducing recurring expenditures on salaries and other establishment expenses. Most importantly, it ensures the speed and accuracy of data processing and generation of returns. Remember that these cost savings benefit companies in multiple ways. It strengthens and enhances profitability and facilitates the diversion of precious resources towards more productive and core activities such as business expansion, product launches, and increasing brand awareness. Embracing Outsource Data Entry Services proves to be a strategic choice for businesses across the board.

However, when outsourcing a routine back-office function like data entry, it is imperative to prioritize speed and accuracy as primary requirements from the outsourcing agency. But what are the attributes that enable top-end professional outsourcing companies to offer a high accuracy rate for data entry services?

Reasons Companies Opt to Outsource Data Entry Services:

1. Inbuilt accuracy audit and checks:

Companies specializing in data entry processing have built-in systems in place to conduct accurate audits of data processed.

However, in rare instances of errors, we conduct real-time checks and monitor the process for months to identify and eliminate the root of the problem.

In industries like insurance and healthcare, where nearly 100% accuracy is essential, we employ the dual keying system. This system compares the entered data against each other, promptly detecting discrepancies

2. Software for data entry accuracy:

Outsourcing firms use special software packages to ensure data entry accuracy, often referred to as intelligent data capturing. There are sets of parallel fields that reduce the possibility of errors.

For example, if a box has to be ticked to indicate favorable comments by a customer, a field automatically pops up where details of the favorable comment have to be given. Again, there are options where electronic data entry forms guide the data entry operator through the modalities of what, where, and how to enter the correct figures and points.

3. Strictly maintaining stipulated accuracy levels:

Outsourced agencies must strictly maintain accuracy benchmarks, which do not always require achieving 100% accuracy. Compensation is tied to meeting the specified standards, and compromises are occasionally made with non-core data that doesn’t directly impact customer service or client information. Therefore, data entry services put great emphasis on attaining high accuracy levels to the benefit of their clients.

4. Use of technologically advanced systems for accuracy:

The latest technological innovations are incorporated by BPO firms to ensure data entry accuracy. These include robotic process automation software (RPA) that hardly needs any monitoring or supervision to ensure the accuracy of data entry. The speed of data entry has also increased manifoldly.

Apart from data entry and processing speed and accuracy, an outsourcing company also maintains a high level of data security. Similarly, we at Cogneesol take complete responsibility for client data and ensure data accuracy and safety through regular auditing. Get in touch with us today. Call us at +1 646-688-2821 or email at [email protected].

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