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Blog » Why Choose Cogneesol for Legal Contract Drafting and Reviewing?

Why Choose Cogneesol for Legal Contract Drafting and Reviewing?

Last updated: 06 Mar, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Contract Drafting & Reviewing Services

The rise of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is a comparatively new phenomenon. It has become an alternative for legal firms and practices to manage non-core tasks efficiently.

Globally, lawyers were struggling to increase business efficiency while keeping costs down. This is when LPO really came into its own with legal luminaries outsourcing tasks. The law and research while keeping the most crucial jobs of acquiring a quality business, client care, and interpretation of the law to themselves.

One of the legal functions that you can outsource is contract drafting services, whether you are a law firm or business owner. Drawing up iron-clad contracts is an integral part of the operations of any company, and most prefer to outsource it to experts in this field instead of making an amateurish attempt themselves and leaving the doors open for future complexities and litigation. Under such circumstances, you’ll do well to choose Cogneesol for outsourcing legal contract drafting and reviewing.

But the question that should be foremost in your mind is why Cogneesol and what do we have to offer? We have a team of experts who have legal ramifications of contract drafting and reviewing in the long run. This facilitates accurate functioning and optimizing of contract drafting and reviewing services. 

When you entrust standardized and repetitive jobs like contract and document review to us, you stand to gain on a number of fronts. Your ability to spend time dealing with quality clients and other issues instead of non-core activities matters.

Next is the question of cost-effectiveness. Our charges are very reasonable, and this will result in substantial savings in the long run. Finally, the legal contract drafting and reviewing process speeds up. Upload the work at the close of your business hours and get it by the next day at the start of business.

Legal contract drafting &  reviewing services offered by Cogneesol:

1. Contract Drafting

We understand that parties would want to customize the form of the contract around their specific needs. Our experts ensure that precise and exact words are used in the contract without any scope for being misconstrued. That is why our focus is always on being legally correct. We exclude words that are based mainly on legalese to help the common man fully comprehend.

For drafting a contract, we have devised a set of templates. That helps us analyze the drafts and identify the variables that are unique to each contract. Preparing checklists of specific clauses that frequently appear in different types of contracts also facilitates ensuring that the contract is in order.

Some types of contracts handled by us include distributor contracts, research agreements, unfunded agreements, lease agreements, material transfer agreements, and drafting partnership agreements. This list is indicative in nature and certainly not exhaustive.

    2. Contract Review

    Services in this regard are not limited to law firms only who give us contracts drawn up by clients for review. A large portion of contract review outsourcing to us is from large corporations that have to deal with hundreds of contracts. They do not want to burden their already stretched legal departments with this critical yet tedious task. Instead, they prefer to spin this off and remain free to concentrate on more pressing core activities.

    By outsourcing legal contract review to us, you get the services of top-of-the-line experts in this field. You can also be sure we will confirm through a review that the contractual obligations of each party have been strictly adhered to and that there are no loopholes that can result in a breach of faith from either party later that might lead to unwarranted litigation.

    Contracts reviewed cover almost all sectors and industries, including insurance and banking, shipping and logistics, real estate, healthcare, and telecom, amongst others.

    Apart from specialized legal contract reviewing & drafting services, we also offer comprehensive contract maintenance services that include keeping track of contract renewal dates so that you are never inconvenienced and contracts do not expire to your detriment.

    As you understand the importance and authenticity of contracts in the legal world, it becomes essential for you to draft them with precision. You may also consider getting the support of the renowned LPO company – Cogneesol. We have skilled & experienced personnel who can handle tasks like contract drafting and contract review for your law firm. Contact us to learn more about the entire range of our LPO services; call us at +1 646-688-2821, or send an email at [email protected].

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