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Blog » Top 5 Online Marketing Tools for Attorneys These Days

Top 5 Online Marketing Tools for Attorneys These Days

Last updated: 17 Aug, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

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Social media has transformed businesses marketing tactics. Lawyer advertising and marketing is not an exception to this situation. A social media marketing strategy is crucial to today’s law practice. Research has shown that the U.S. legal businesses are in the initial stages of making use of an internet-based marketing strategy. Although many law firms have acknowledged the significance of online marketing and began budgeting for social media marketing, they are ignorant of the various social networking marketing choices available. Let’s take a glimpse through the best social media marketing resources:

What are the best tool for online marketing for attorneys?

Attorney or Law Firm Blog:

A blog is an effective platform to report events and give updates on almost any industry to the outside world. Lawyer blogs are blogs which are usually published by attorneys and concentrate on legal services. Law blogging assists in improving your web presence. You could potentially write on any kind of subject related to legal interest. Certain marketing blogs highlight specific parts of law practice. Others concentrate on legislative variations and emerging case law in the legal market.

Blogs offer a way to connect directly with the public and are widely used as a marketing tool. Lawyer blogs provide beneficial options for client development by means of their readership. Blogging can likewise boost your odds of being noticed and followed by the core media.


Facebook is an additional online marketing tool that an attorney could use. It’s recommended that you build a Facebook profile that has your law firms contact information and areas of practice. You can additionally improve your marketing strategy to get to the target market by making:

Facebook pages: Legal professionals may opt to create a page around a subject of interest as opposed to a corporate name. You can keep track of fans on your page and aim to check if they are prospective leads.

Facebook groups: You can build Facebook groups on any kind of subject. Those enthusiastic about the subject may sign up for the group and might share, advertise, as well as talk about related topics. A Facebook group provides you with a method to filter new subscribers. You can establish a personalized marketing strategy aimed towards group members.

JD Supra:

JD Supra is yet another marketing tool for the attorneys. It’s a repository that is free of cost and provides legal data that’s shared by lawyers/specialists who build it. The JD Supra repository is a home to court filings, forms, reports, case judgments, alerts, and newsletters. An attorney can register himself/herself for a JD Supra profile and post articles on the platform. JD Supra subsequently links your content to other social networking mediums like Twitter, subscriber lists, etc.  JD Supra is an enterprise marketing tool that assists attorneys obtain their content before people connected to their industry. It’s probably the most effective web marketing methods intended for attorney marketing. The fundamental attribute in JD Supra is that it enables publishing documents free of cost. Nevertheless, there is a fee relating to making use of the advanced options that come with JD Supra.


Pinterest is an excellent internet marketing technique which you can use for promoting your business. Pinterest makes use of pictures for business marketing. It goes without saying that people usually get irked browsing through lengthy articles and legal reports. Pinterest is unquestionably a good alternative when people require a break from the uninteresting reading. This visual media marketing is attaining public recognition these days. Attorneys can begin using Pinterest by signing up with their name and adding Pinboards to promote their sites and legal articles. It is possible to link your Pinterest account to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and promote content on those networks too.


LinkedIn is just another internet marketing techniques that a law firm is able to use to promote its site. LinkedIn’s company pages enable an attorney to market and endorse its law firm and its legal professionals. Law firms can interact with their clientele, referral sources, and qualified leads. Your LinkedIn profile is literally an addition to the firm’s site.

You can easily send out updates on your LinkedIn page to ensure that the updates are seen by the community linked to your page. Publishing consistent posts on LinkedIn and including a “Follow” button on your firm’s blog or website is an effective way to get exposure.