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Things to Consider Before Opting for Data Entry Outsourcing

Last updated: 12 May, 2021 By | 6 Minutes Read

What do most businesses look for when they want to outsource a part of their activities? There may be many opinions to it but there is a common thread running through all – and that is outsourcing. To confine the administrative work, non-core activities and data entry outsourcing is an ideal option. This is always different between businesses.

For example, the insurance sector prefers to outsource all back-office activities including claims and commissions management and LPOs outsource regular research and documentation tasks. But there is a unanimous agreement amongst all businesses that data entry services are to be outsourced. This is because it requires heavy investments to set up and does not fall within the ambit of the main business activity.

Data entry processing is crucial for any business sector. It is the reason why any decision to outsource and choose an outsourcing partner must be done after great thought and after considering all possibilities and implications of choosing one firm over another.

Basically, there are no fixed criteria for carrying out this exercise and it depends solely on the need of the outsourcing agency. Therefore it would be prudent to generalize and stick to the rule of thumb when analyzing the do and don’ts of data entry outsourcing.

First the do’s, that is the positives

  • Security: There cannot be a more important factor than this. Ensure that there are multiple layers of security in place at the outsource data entry services and the processed data is handled by people on a need-to-know basis only. It is always wise to go through testimonials of existing and previous clients on this score.

  • Checks for accuracy: Find out if the outsourced agency regularly carries out an audit for the accuracy of data processed and whether a dual keying system is followed where a very high degree of accuracy is required. Choose a company that has exclusive specialists in error tracking and rectification.

  • Use of advanced software: The company so selected should have technologically advanced security hardware and software in place. An example is the outsourced data entry services being used by reputed companies to speed up data entry processing and make sure of speed and accuracy.

Outsource Data Entry Services

Next, the don’ts, that is the negatives

  • Do not compromise on requirements: Sometimes outsourcing agencies may lag behind in the desired levels of speed and accuracy. Be critical and inflexible on these issues and insist on levels of quality set by you. In extreme cases threaten termination of the contract.

  • Putting trust in the unknown factor: Do not rely on an unknown and untried entity and do not opt for an agency that relies on old business models and tries to tweak new technology on them.

  • Opting for cheap services: Do not opt for data entry providers that come cheap but offer the inferior level of services. Since a long-term relationship is always preferable to select the best at the initial stages only even at a higher price.

Data Entry Outsourcing is extremely important for all businesses, and hence, proper thought and care should be given to it. If you are planning to outsource your data entry and related tasks, contact us to discuss how we can help. Call us at +1 646-688-2821 or email us at [email protected].

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