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Puneet Sharma
Manager - Finance & Accounting Division at Cogneesol Inc.
Puneet Sharma is a Manager in Cogneesol in Finance & Accounting department and is working with the organization since 2008. With his sound experience in this industry, he is currently managing 5 teams with an estimated number of 85 employees. He reviews the tasks & projects processed by employees, evaluates the team’s performance, and takes action in terms of training, reallocation, and changes in the process.
With his keen interest in contributing to the finance & accounting department, he shares his knowledge in the form of well-researched and informative content. He analyzes the latest accounting trends and has helped many businesses with various accounting processes through his engaging content.
Financial Due Diligence
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Why Is It Important To Conduct Financial Due Diligence?

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How to Ensure a Smooth Handling of Accounting Services?

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Struggling to Expand Your Business? Accounts Outsourcing Can Help!

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Take Control of Your Time and Outsource Accounting Services

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