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Blog » Top Reasons Personal Injury Law Firm Should Outsource Litigation Support

Top Reasons Personal Injury Law Firm Should Outsource Litigation Support

Last updated: 15 Mar, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

personal injury litigation services

Attorneys and paralegals at law firms usually remain immersed in several legal tasks while handling personal injury litigation cases, ranging from serious injuries, medical negligence, long-term or permanent disabilities, or disfigurements to exposure to toxic elements or chemicals. In fact, as a personal injury law firm owner, you would know that challenging cases sometimes bring various complex issues regarding tort law. That is why you need personal injury litigation support from experts who can assist you with research, analysis, documentation, and presentation of your cases.

Since the rules of tort law are comprehensive and often challenging to understand, personal injury cases should be handled by experienced attorneys with an excellent understanding of tort acts and the legal system. However, when it becomes challenging to keep up with case timelines due to common and possible issues like caseloads or a shortage of resources, many personal injury law firms outsource personal injury litigation services.

Fast-emerging alternative legal service delivery models and virtual law businesses can help you deal with staff shortages, manage excessive workload, and even speed up TATs, but there are several other reasons to outsource litigation support; let’s discuss some of them in detail below.

Reasons to Hire Personal Injury Litigation Support Services

1. Well-managed Priorities & Workload

Once you outsource litigation support services and hand over tedious, repetitive, time-consuming legal work to a reliable legal process outsourcing company, it will become easier to prioritize tasks and responsibilities among your in-house staff. This will help you balance your workload and streamline workflow. When you start managing priorities well, it enables you to reach case resolution in less time than estimated. In addition, restructuring your employees’ roles will make you better positioned to onboard more cases in the future.

With a full-service legal support provider like Cogneesol, you can reap a variety of benefits, like having a team of skilled legal experts available round-the-clock to support you with all aspects of litigation. This entire process ultimately helps you prepare the strongest possible litigation case.

2. Efficiency Increment

Most tasks performed by personal injury law firms are typically time-sensitive. In some cases, a court schedules a trial date, allowing a week or even less time to prepare for that. The fact is that many times, you will find your attorneys wearing multiple hats, working for a fair settlement, and simultaneously preparing for trials.

If you don’t have enough employees to meet the necessary deadlines, you can consider hiring personal injury litigation services to increase operational capacity. These services can be designed as a specialty to bridge the efficiency gaps that can result in higher productivity.

3. Reduced Expenditure

Outsourcing naturally brings along the benefit of cost reduction; in fact, cost-saving is considerably one of the prime reasons why many personal injury law firms outsource some legal tasks. Let’s understand how. Suppose your law firm experiences an increased flow of clients, and you would hire more staff to meet their demands. Apart from their monthly salaries, you would pay for their health benefits and perks, extra space, infrastructure, and maintenance. Hence, expensive recruitment can quickly affect your firm’s bottom line.

Instead of spending capital on costly hiring and training, you can access qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and well-trained legal professionals specializing in personal injury with outsourcing. The best thing about outsourcing is that their service charges would be considerably lower (most times on an hourly or project basis) than what you would pay for having an in-house team.

    4. Utilize Your & Your Staff’s Time for Growth

    As you eliminate the need to hire, train, and manage new employees by outsourcing litigation support services, you get more time to focus on using the current resources at their best. Besides, with your partner being responsible for the work assigned and its quality and timelines, your staff gets ample time for other crucial areas that need special attention.

    Therefore, it’s a win-win situation because while your partner firm manages the most repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, you can leverage your staff to provide add-on services to clients, improve client servicing and relationships, and boost your firm’s overall growth.

    5. Benefit from an All-inclusive Service Model

    One of the key reasons you may consider outsourcing litigation support is that you can take support with almost all the areas of litigation, such as complaints drafting, responsive pleadings and notices, discovery document drafting, summarizing medical and billing records, deposition drafting and summary, etc.

    Since legal outsourcing firms provide professional training to their staff regularly, you can rest assured knowing each segment of your requirements is managed well by legal experts, ensuring no issues are left unaddressed regarding the case at hand. Not only that, their services are usually scalable, which means you can add or remove services or sub-services according to your changing requirements or the same as those of your clients.

    6. Benefit from Time Zone Differences

    Personal injury law firms in the USA can make the best use of outsourcing if they choose companies serving from regions with massive time-zone differences, such as countries in Asia like India or the Philippines. Why? Because you can assign the work to your partner firm in such areas at the time of your day-end, you can have that work done and delivered by the time you come back to the office the next day.

    So technically, your firm would be operating round-the-clock; this can help reduce the turnaround time for daily tasks, leading to faster resolution of the case or even multiple cases.

    7. Assured Data Security

    Data security is one of the top concerns of any firm, and when it comes to legal business, you know how important it is to secure your clients’ highly sensitive data. However, you need not worry anymore. LPO firms like us ensure complete data confidentiality by incorporating information security compliance and data protection as an integral part of our service offering.

    We are ISO 27001 certified and in compliance with the SSAE18 standard. Hence, we ensure confidentiality by keeping the information we access safe against any inappropriate disclosure.

    At Cogneesol, we are a strong team of qualified, experienced, and professionally trained legal experts providing high-quality personal injury litigation support to law firms, legal departments, and attorneys worldwide since 2008. We possess deep industry expertise, skills, and knowledge of laws applicable in regions across the US, which is typically required to be an excellent and reliable LPO partner for clients.

    Call us today to learn more about our services in detail and learn how we can help your law firm. Dial +1 646 688 2821 Or send an email to [email protected].