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Blog » 4 Ways Paralegal Outsourcing Services Increase Client Satisfaction

4 Ways Paralegal Outsourcing Services Increase Client Satisfaction

Last updated: 06 Mar, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Paralegal outsourcing services

There is no doubt that by availing paralegal outsourcing services, law firms around the world have been able to increase client satisfaction. There are number of reasons for this. The first is that outsourced agencies offer paralegal services for almost every facet of law, thereby freeing law firms to cater exclusively to client servicing.

The areas offered include Corporate and Business law, matrimonial, environmental and criminal law, personal injury, banking and finance law, labor and workers’ compensation law, and anything else that falls within the ambit of legal jurisprudence.

Secondly, by taking off certain tedious and time-consuming tasks from law firms, outsourcing services facilitate increased productivity and optimize existing resources. Hence, legal luminaries can devote more time to go into the finer nuances of the law to their client’s advantage. Finally, by cutting overheads, there is more scope for heightened client service.

It has to be understood that when you decide to outsource paralegal services, you are in fact, not getting an individual expert well-versed in a particular aspect of law but a whole team offering specialized services.

Hence, law firms focusing on, say, class-action lawsuits will do well to outsource claims classification that requires a lot of research but not much interpretation of the law. Similarly, transactional lawyers can parcel off due diligence tasks and contract drafting to paralegal outsourcing services.

 4 primary ways that outsourcing paralegal services increases client satisfaction –

1. Personalized Concern:

The bulk of paralegal services comprises preparing and reviewing legal documentation, notary services, drawing up and preparing agreements and contracts on various aspects of law, legal data entry services, legal research, and writing services. Outsourced agencies have legal teams who are experts in these fields and well-conversant with the law of different countries.

Most of the services offered are mundane and tedious tasks that are time-consuming and repetitive in nature. Law firms the world over are today spinning off these services and concentrating on their core competency of providing personalized attention to existing clients, thereby enhancing their satisfaction levels.

2. Quality Time Enthusiasm:

By outsourcing such services, you get significant savings in costs and time. Costs because law firms can get the benefit of wage differentials with other countries for the same work without compromising on the quality or depth of research.

Utilizing these savings can provide privileged client service at competitive rates, thereby naturally attracting more clients for exponential business growth. Savings in time result from not having to do ordinary tasks that require no discretionary analysis of law. Hence law firms can devote more quality time to clients.

3. Back-up Competence:

It must be understood that once paralegal outsourcing services are hired, you should work closely with them not just to reap their technical abilities but also to leverage their backup capabilities to devise strategies to optimize client satisfaction.

Most top-notch law firms and even middle-rung ones have a large portfolio of valued clients, and more often than not, it is impossible for lawyers to answer individual clients on their queries. It is here that paralegals can come in, clear client doubts, and assure them that full attention is being given to their cases. Such assurances go a long way to enhance client approval.

4. Undivided Attention:

When you opt to outsource a part of your legal services, you can rule out having to pay attention to procedural formalities and instead focus on court proceedings. You can be secure in the knowledge that the background material and research done by paralegals are in no way inferior to the manpower that you would have hired yourself.

Clients, therefore, gain indirectly as you can give your undivided attention to their cases in courtrooms where it matters the most. You are also free from hiring a host of legal assistants to back you up by leaving the better part of the work to paralegals.

It has been estimated that the savings in overheads from hiring paralegal services might even be in the range of a staggering 40%. You are also spared the anxiety of being able to meet seasonal or sudden spikes in business as you can depend on the outsourcing firm to take up the extra work anytime, making it business as usual for you throughout the year. Hiring paralegals will, therefore, always be a win-win situation for you.

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