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Why You Need Outsourcing to Growth Hack Your Insurance Business in 2021?

Last updated: 23 Mar, 2021 By | 6 Minutes Read

In the aftereffects of the recent worldwide pandemic, remote working and outsourcing will be more popular and relevant to most businesses. These can be the ideal choice to achieve operational continuity and make workplaces safer.

This might be the reason why many companies are reconsidering outsourcing these days to practice secure remote working and obtain operational and financial growth.

For insurance companies that recently tried different ways in the form of investments and cost-cutting to regain smooth operational flow, Insurance BPO can offer cost-efficient solutions, making the process easier.

According to one research from Opinium and LiveArea, 28% of businesses are looking to ‘outsourcing’ as a strategy to survive through disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.Source

The global BPO market is likely to reach $262.2 billion in 2022 – this could be the effect of cost benefits businesses can reap from outsourcing back-office administration.

Insurance Outsourcing

In the recent few years, several businesses have benefited from outsourcing. These businesses have been able to transform their operations while providing top-quality services to their customers. If we talk about the initial years of outsourcing, the financial industry leveraged it first; however, today, insurance companies are becoming interested in taking possible advantages of outsourcing different business processes.

Skill Shortage – One Big Reason You Need to Outsource

Insurance companies usually find it challenging to find and hire the right people; BPO can directly respond to this problem. Insurance companies already having skilled and experienced employees can enhance their productivity and profitability by outsourcing basic, routine tasks, allowing the in-house employees to focus more on gaining expertise and bring out desired results.

Free Up Your Multi-Talented Staff

You usually consider a lot while hiring candidates for your insurance business; therefore, do not let your effort get wasted by making your talented employees do tedious jobs. There are several opportunities where you can outsource time-consuming tasks, such as inventory management, editing, research, cold calling, etc.

It is easier to find insurance BPO service providers who can take complete care of such jobs, and the best thing is that you don’t need to train them as they already have basic knowledge and skills to perform the jobs competitively.

Outsourcing a few jobs can free up your employees with more time; they can work on their talents and showcase them using creative ideas and innovative ways for product development, sales & marketing, and redefining different aspects of your brand company.

Outsourcing is a way to eliminate the burden of routine tasks from your employees, helping them add more value to your company.

Expedite Selected Processes

When you start an in-house project, the project may go through lots of meetings, reports, plans, drafts, and more meetings. It is crucial to go through essential processes in order to ensure everyone is on the same page.

However, it is not necessary for all projects; for instance, if you are experiencing a rapid increase in sales, you can have a meeting and simply outsource underwriting related jobs.

Your outsourcing partner is likely to have skilled professionals who can carefully and efficiently handle the process, allowing your team to focus on other essential business plans.

Although you will still have meetings with them and supervise their work, you will be able to expedite outsourced processes as they will have vast experience relevant to your niche insurance business.

Create Flexibility

You may see a big project coming to your company; however, if you hire more people, you may get stuck with an additional workforce because when the project is completed, it would be a little challenging to manage that extra staff, and things might become unfair to those employees. In such situations, outsourcing can be your best solution.

It helps your company prevent seasonal or market fluctuations, for instance, the holiday season, without making your HR department work for more hours and taking risks of hiring extra people. More is not always better, especially when it comes to recruitment. If you get a massive project or you go through a busy season, instead of hiring more people, you may better outsource the jobs and stimulate your operations.

Save Time and Money

You may outsource time-consuming jobs such as insurance claims processing, underwriting, policy checking, policy administration, quote generation, data entry, loss runs processing, accounting, etc. The people you outsource these tasks to are likely to handle the same more efficiently in comparison to in-house teams.

    Insurance outsourcing companies allow you to make your own choice in terms of choosing experienced, talented workers with unique skills and offer services at affordable costs.

    Besides, you need not pay for their health insurance or retirement fund; you only need to pay for the work done for you. This way, you can save both your time and money.

    Data Management Becomes Easier

    Insurance companies hold and manage a lot of personal information about their customers, which often becomes difficult to process, store, and protect. Many leading insurance companies have spent huge money buying data management systems and appropriate technological equipment, which often leads to higher operating and administrative costs.

    Outsourcing can be the best solution here, too. Insurance process outsourcing companies also offer additional services, including data entry, data mining, and data management, adding more value to your business. A reliable outsourcing partner will make sure your customers’ data is maintained and stored securely in the hands of their experts.

    With this, you are not only ensuring complete protection of your company’s and customers’ confidential information but also saving money that you would otherwise spend on technologies and equipment to manage multiple data sets.

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    Faster Turnaround Time

    Outsourcing various jobs to a reliable service provider can reduce the time taken to complete your projects. As you choose a competent company that has all the required systems and human resources to handle your assignments and complete them within the set deadline, you can ensure your projects are completed with a fast turnaround time.

    Better Service

    With seasoned and skilled professionals handling your insurance processes responsibly, your insurance business becomes streamlined. You get complete support in detecting and eliminating red flags from different processes. This will ultimately add to improving customer service, leading to customers having an excellent experience.


    The insurance industry’s competitive nature has brought multiple operational challenges; for instance, how to establish reasonable pricing models and improve turnover. In the last decade alone, insurance companies have realized the benefits and importance of having dedicated, flexible outsourcing models in place.

    Efficient outsourcing models must include standardized and properly documented business processes, a transparent delivery model, and a highly-effective customer retention plan.

    With the advantages that outsourcing companies provide, insurers have focused on business growth, reduced operational costs, and streamlined back-office workflow. By choosing to outsource, you can perform the highly essential, daily functions effectively and drive your company toward growth and profitability.

    If your company is considering outsourcing, look no further than the expert team at Cogneesol, offering high-quality virtual insurance services at affordable costs. Our outsourcing specialists can schedule a meeting with you to discuss your company’s needs, goals, and current state. Contact Cogneesol today!

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