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Blog » Outsourcing Data Management: Make Huge Savings on Time and Money

Outsourcing Data Management: Make Huge Savings on Time and Money

Last updated: 10 Jan, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Outsourcing Data Management

Fundraising is a vast concept. It has different stages, with each one equally complex, requiring expert assistance and proper handling to meet the end results. A data manager is one who holds an influential role in bringing different blocks together. It is not about meeting the technical challenges associated with work. He or she should have a close understanding of business requirements and be willing to stretch and contribute beyond set boundaries. The question of outsourcing data management in times when offshore companies are doing everything that was once considered impossible is an exciting prospect. The possibility of outsourcing comes into the picture with the kind of services and success achieved by those who finally took the all-important decision.

The challenge was to find a solution to manage the complex data and maintain a competitive edge in the market. Earlier, there was a situation where the data was considered to be too complex to be managed by an outside agency. The lack of services or options didn’t help the cause either.

Early Challenges and Progress Taking Place, Gradually

The first and biggest challenge was to identify what kind of role you would want the offshore team to play. They can either maintain the data or manage and write reports, etc. It is the kind of control you would want them to have. The decision heavily depends on the type of responsibilities expected from fundraisers.

These were the early challenges faced by charities. Most of them wanted the offshore teams to provide data solutions and keep the rest of control in their own hands. They’re pretty sure that fundraisers can run operations better this way. The good part was that the first step was taken. The seeds of change were sown.

Comparatively Lower Costs and Professional Assistance

The cautious approach worked in everyone’s favor associated with the business. There should be a clear understanding of the kind of role and responsibilities the offshore companies would play. Both sides should stress the core set of points in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). It should clearly define the work-related responsibilities and costs.

You can handle the costing aspect on either an hourly or fixed plan basis. Outsourcing data management has more advantages. It is both a short-term and long-term solution. There is a dedicated team working for you. It means that you would have expert assistance around the clock. It also points out that you can make huge savings over a period of time.

There is not much scope left in hiring a data manager. Expecting him to deliver results similar to those of offshore companies would be a mistake on our part. Outsourcing data management services are the right solution to keep the changing market scenario.

There are certain points that both sides need to take into consideration to make the plan work. You need to look at the brighter side and ask for customized services to maximize the output.

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