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Blog » Outsource Claims Administration Minimize Work Pressure of your Insurance Company

Outsource Claims Administration Minimize Work Pressure of your Insurance Company

Last updated: 16 Aug, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

Insurance claims processing

Why would any insurance company want to outsource claims administration? The answer is not difficult to perceive. The insurance claims administration does not fall in the core activity scenario which in the case of insurance companies can be said to be formulating new schemes, testing them in the market, and finally selling them. Everything else can take a back seat and be outsourced.

However, if we consider all the non-core functions, claims management becomes the focus. It is the largest factor behind the work pressure of insurance companies and crucially, growing exponentially day by day. This is due to an enhanced global threat perception both from a terror-related angle as well as from natural disasters and the pressure to settle claims in never-before- heard-numbers is on the rise.

Advantages of Outsourcing Insurance Claims Administration

When an insurance company decides to outsource claims administration , a palpable change takes place since employees are freed from the arduous work and can channelize their activities into more productive lines. Because of reduced work pressure, they get to concentrate more on enhanced customer service and on getting more business and selling policies – the lifeline of insurance companies.

This also lowers costs as major investments in claims processing is not required thereby offering higher flexibility options in pricing insurance products and creating new business opportunities.

By analyzing the aspects that go into claims administration, it is possible to understand how the decision to outsource claims administration can drastically reduce work pressure for the insurance company.

Evaluating claim eligibility –

This is a massive high-pressure work and requires great professional expertise to execute to perfection. Any policy more often than not runs for decades and verifying records since its inception is a herculean task. Even nominees are often hard to trace and verifying the antecedents of claimants can be a daunting affair.

Multiply this by the number of claims generally received (in hundreds of thousands) and it’s not difficult to understand why outsourcing claims administration takes a load off the shoulders of insurance companies.

Quick claim settlement –

The credibility of the insurance sector largely rests on this aspect. Quick claim settlement and fast-track adjudication are vital for insurance companies to uphold commitments made at policy sale. Insurance outsourcing companies have specialized teams to deal exclusively with claims made.

They have the required infrastructure in place and trained and skilled personnel in claims disbursal. If this activity has to be carried out in conjunction with others work by the parent insurance company, it would bring great pressure on the existing work force.

Claim auditing –

To ensure that there are no gaps or claim discrepancies, companies need claims auditing. Outsourcing reduces pressure, allowing parent company experts to conduct meticulous claim audits.


Thus, we observe that outsourcing insurance claims administration significantly impacts the necessity to reduce work pressure for the insurance company. Are excessive workloads also affecting your company? Consider outsourcing claims administration to Cogneesol to ease off your workload and improve operational efficiency. Get in touch with us today, call us at +1 646-688-2821 or send an email at [email protected].