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Blog » Obstacles in Legal Process Outsourcing and How to Tackle Them

Obstacles in Legal Process Outsourcing and How to Tackle Them

Last updated: 15 Mar, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Legal Process Outsourcing

An increasing number of companies, including those engaged in legal process outsourcing, are figuring out that transforming legal support services depending on an industrialized legal operating model is excellent for business. Not to mention, while the CFO does consider the importance of lesser costs, conventional procedures, and a well-balanced workload, a lot of law firms find it difficult to work through certain typical barriers.

Obstacles Faced by Legal Experts while Using Legal Process Outsourcing

1. Intricacy:

This is the term I listen to the most when people speak about legal process outsourcing. And I concur. I am an attorney. Therefore, I understand how hard and complicated things could get in the day-to-day job. I even understand why certain attorneys think that it is way too complicated to outsource legal services.

Then again, are all legal services that complicated? There are, as a matter of fact, a lot of recurring and easy activities wherein industrialization, standardization, and best-in-class procedures can assist legal teams to assign assets more efficiently and simultaneously keep costs down.

I understand that there is absolutely no “one magic model” which can accommodate all requirements; therefore, it’s crucial that every company build its own “to-be model” based on its unique business atmosphere. Legal outsourcing companies like Cogneesol can assist you in outlining the appropriate model depending on experience from working with other companies across various sectors.

2. Time:

Attorneys, being incredibly busy people, obviously don’t benefit from having time for workshops or even process reviews to deconstruct routines, evaluate, and form a new target working model.

Indeed, it requires time; however, if time is not devoted, then what the results are – nothing. And the expense of carrying out nothing will constantly build up as a result of worthless procedures, all the more intricate contracts, and augmented stress from the business to have things carried out quicker.

    Trust me, making the time is going to bring value. For instance, I lately facilitated a seminar with a legal team, and in the course of the brief time span we spent examining their procedures against a best-practice Worldwide Process Model, we reallocated assets to consolidate and target the teams, which led to significant financial savings in external legal spend.

    3. Change Management:

    Change Management is essential in legal transformation. I usually hear businesses request support in this field, not merely because a lot of them lack expertise in these kinds of projects, but they moreover understand the risk of lacking a team aligned to the all-around objective, and that will make them battle in the new setting.

    Having change management specialists like legal process outsourcing companies steer the change will make sure the project flows effortlessly and on time. That will provide a winning project with substantial rewards, not forgetting industrialized procedures for operating the legal division.

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    Indeed, the obstacles will stay; to be truthful, they can be found in every little thing we do. They make the effort more complicated but additionally more exciting. The key is always to evaluate the circumstances, check with professionals, think about alternate options, and set a plan in motion!

    There are numerous challenges that arise when you run on the road to success. We, by working on your projects as a team, can tackle all obstacles. Call us today at +1-646-688-2821 or drop a message at [email protected]!