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A New Approach to Legal Research and Writing Services

Last updated: 30 Apr, 2021 By | 6 Minutes Read

It has long been the bane of lawyers to get tied down with tons of legal research and writing that is so critical for every case. While there is no doubt that this is a vital cog in the wheels of legal jurisprudence, there is also no doubt that it is a long and tedious process that is mainly based on extensive research rather than the direct interpretation of the law.

Hence busy lawyers and law firms have adopted a new approach to legal research and writing – they have opted to take the help of expert legal research services to do the work while they concentrate on the more crucial core activities of garnering high profile clients and providing them impeccable service and undivided attention. This by default leads to exponential business growth and development.

However, this scenario and this approach is a comparatively new phenomenon. The recession and the global financial crash in the not too distant past left many economies tottering on the brink of disaster and millions of individuals who found themselves unable to repay their mortgages and commitments. This resulted in a heightened need for legal services which law firms were unable to meet with existing infrastructure. Adding more staff and legal luminaries was an answer but that would make the cost of providing legal services prohibitively expensive.

The only solution then was to outsource such tasks that formed a part of backup services like legal research and writing, leaving in-house the work of interpretation of the law and court appearances to lawyers and attorneys. This then was the origin of the rise in outsourcing of legal research services. It will now be relevant to analyze how as a busy lawyer you stand to gain by adopting this new approach.

    Increased Efficiencies

    Top of the line often means having to go through voluminous databases to zero in on exactly what you are looking for. If you are not experienced in this field you cannot expect to write precise legal matters in spite of being a leading exponent in this profession. Further, simply looking for relevant research material will eat into your precious time, something that you can ill afford.

    Outsourced agencies, on the other hand, have full-time resources that exclusively deal with outsource legal research and can precisely put their findings down on paper in proper legalese. The contract or agreement or any such document will hence be of the highest quality.

    Meeting deadlines without time pressure

    Lawyers are constantly under time pressure to meet deadlines and you will see that you really do not have much control over your own schedules which is in fact driven and set by a whole lot of extraneous factors. Hence you have to prioritize tasks to get maximum returns. At the bottom of the list should be those that require a great deal of legal knowledge and powers of presentation but are highly labor-intensive in nature. An activity that exactly fits this bill is legal research & writing and this is why you should definitely go for the new approach and engage legal research services.

    Increased savings

    This is possible because by resorting to outsourcing you don’t have to hire qualified and experienced manpower. Research and writing is not a continuous affair for any law firm and you have to deal with it project-wise. By getting people permanently on board, you’ll only be adding to your overheads without getting the desired level of output commensurate with the salaries offered as research and writing is not a full-time job. On the other hand, outsourcing will mean that you pay only for the time taken to complete a particular project. In the long run, there will be substantial savings for you.

    Avail expertise and a professional approach

    Reputed legal research services have the necessary infrastructure in place that optimizes the quality and standard of legal research and writing services. Lawyers employed by them are updated with the nuances of law prevailing in different countries and hence can deal with any form of writing and drafting with a great deal of accuracy. By outsourcing this activity to them you get cutting edge quality results at highly affordable rates.

    Finally, by adopting this line, you get a lot of flexibility to work to your complete satisfaction. If you are more inclined towards trials, depositions and client servicing rather than mundane legal research & writing this approach should be ideal for you.

    Similar to you as an expert in your niche, we at Cogneesol are experts in providing legal research services. To find more about us, Get in touch today. contact us at +1 646 688 2821 or write us at info@cogneesol.com.

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