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Blog » Insurance BPO: Gain a Competitive Edge for Your Insurance Business

Insurance BPO: Gain a Competitive Edge for Your Insurance Business

Last updated: 08 Jul, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Insurance BPO

Today’s complex and fiercely challenging business environment has imposed a need on the insurance sector for radical changes. Among other significant factors, amendments in strict regulatory norms, market changes, and growing customer demand are the key drivers. Besides increasing competition,  improving revenue while keeping premiums low has become a challenge.

The insurance ecosystem has found out how tweaking its operating model can help it achieve its objectives. The most efficient ways is to hire service providers who offer flexible models to optimize processes.

Could You Benefit from Insurance BPO?

Yes, if you are looking for solutions to complex challenges such as operational disruption staff shortage, or backlog, insurance bpo’s have your back. A reliable insurance service provider can help fulfill your requirements, ensuring that you build a strong foundation. They ensure you focus on adding value and improving your business outcomes by reducing costs.

5 Ways BPO Benefits Your Insurance Business

1. Create capacity for your underwriting team

Underwriting is the core of any insurance business. Often underwriters spend a lot of time managing routine transactional activities rather than managing relationships with brokers and insured. By leveraging BPM solutions for insurance agencies, your underwriters can spare time for such activities and ensure they focus on writing sustainable and profitable business. These virtual assistants can help your underwriters make meaningful decisions.

When your underwriters free themselves from time-consuming jobs, they get more time for external stakeholder relationship management. Besides an enhanced operating model, you can focus on adding value, reducing costs and increasing competitiveness.

2. Create exceptional customer experience

Today insurance customers expect an excellent service experience. They want someone from your company to be available round-the-clock across channels to answer their questions. They want you to provide services that are customized according to their unique needs. More than anything, they expect you to deliver the services in the fastest manner while they really do not care about the number of queries you deal with daily.

Not only this, they can help you address your customers’ needs even after your typical office hours. Offshoring customer support can turn out to be beneficial due to huge time zone differences, ensuring someone’s available round-the-clock for your customers without making them wait for long.

3. Obtain higher customer satisfaction with efficient claims management

Customers are expecting convenience throughout the process, starting from First Notice of Loss (FNOL) to settlement. At any stage, if they experience inconvenience or delay, there’s a possibility for them switching to one of your competitors. Know that the claims process is the determining point for a customer to sign up for renewal.

With a hybrid operating model using offshore and onshore resources, you make sure your customers experience a smooth claim settlement. Besides, your partner should also have the capability to help you with claims triage, coverage verification and also take adjudication decisions where possible.

What’s there for you as a client is that you can significantly reduce claims indemnity costs, shorten the claims lifecycle, and improve customer experience.

4. Do more with scalable solutions

Insurance demand and market changes influence your business activities. For example, you might have seen a rise in sales or a rise in the number of applications seeking compensation after a natural calamity hits.
In such situations, acquiring insurance support services can make things easier for you.

    Your partner firm can provide round-the-clock support at affordable costs without you needing to spend more for recruitment, equipment, training, employee benefits, etc. This ensures you can scale up or down the external staff (FTE resources) or insurance service according to your business needs or changing market conditions.

    5. Delegate your staff to value-adding functions

    When you outsource some repetitive, time-consuming functions of your insurance agency to a reliable firm that can handle your entire back-office from end to end, you free up your in-house resources. You can now utilize these resources for other important functions such as lead generation and conversation, customer relationship management, client servicing, etc.

    Considering all these advantages of insurance BPO services, know that you can achieve functioning excellence, optimized operations, and increased profitability while lowering costs by outsourcing your insurance business’s time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

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