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How to Use Instagram for Promoting Your Business Online?

Last updated: 26 Feb, 2021 By | 6 Minutes Read

Using social media for personal and commercial purposes makes for one big healthy discussion. Marketers have mastered the art of marketing on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram, on the other hand, remains a test for companies. They somehow have not been able to decode it for some reasons.

One simple reason is that people or marketers do not use Instagram as heavily as Facebook in personal lives. The interest factor has not been developed to that extent. There are certain things which marketers need to take into account while using Instagram for business. They need to chalk-out a different strategy.

The non-reliance upon Instagram can really work in your company’s favor. It can push the traffic back to your site if used rightly. Creative agencies share a unanimous opinion that Instagram is not for every business. You need to know how to market your products on it.

Curate Content knowing your Audience and its Taste:

You do not say something because you’ve got something to say. Instagram compliments the visually appealing and attractive content. The kind of images you use would go a long way in setting the expectations.

You need to mix things up to keep the balance between commercial and creative aspect. You treat your audience with respect and talk about what things really matter to you, both as a person and a company.

Using Instagram for Business is like Tweeting:

You would kill the vibe of a platform like Instagram by saying things over and again. The best is to keep it limited like writing a Tweet. You’ve the option to post endless pictures. This is right. However, it does more damage than doing any good.

The interesting bit is that you would spend more time and energy finding the right image knowing that it is the only chance. It helps brands to develop a unique identity from others.

Talk about the Indispensable Products and Services:

Using Instagram is different from other sites. You need to talk about how these products and services enrich lives. It is about developing content where people can see themselves in action. You need to highlight the indispensable nature of these products.

The focus of attention should always be the consumer. This is one area where most of the companies fail. They create marketing strategies thinking users follow a similar pattern, like Facebook. They fail miserably in connecting users with the products.

Encourage People to Check out the Instagram Account:

You need to proactively promote the official Instagram account. The best way is to ask followers on other accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to check it. Marketers need to be at the top of the game to leave a strong impression on first-time visitors.

Most of the companies using Instagram for business to run exciting contests on it. They run these contests on different channels, simultaneously. The power and popularity of hashtags should be used to advantage.

Marketers have realized that Instagram is a powerful social media marketing medium. They would want to have different strategies for using Instagram for business.

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