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Why is there an Increase in Litigation Support Outsourcing?

Last updated: 30 Apr, 2021 By | 6 Minutes Read

The past few years have been a witness to an alarming transformation in the delivery model of legal solutions. Lots of the law firms have started counting on outsourcing litigation support services to increase their in-house capabilities as well as acquire cost competencies. The idea of litigation support outsourcing surfaced in the 1970s.

Here, we shall take into consideration a few of the factors behind this increasing significance of litigation support outsourcing in business process management sector.

Financial Benefits:

As in the majority of the business process management solutions, the key allurement in litigation support outsourcing is also cost efficiency. Litigation support divisions tend to be expensive to manage, considering the fact that its infrastructure/hardware technologies have to be bought and substituted on a regular basis.

    An application program that is necessary to run litigation procedures and skilled professionals for running these tools are also expensive. At this point, arises the necessity of litigation support outsourcing company that can provide superior cost benefits in addition to modern technology and software solutions.

    Core Competency:

    Accomplishing core competency by means of ‘e-discovery’ is an additional benefit of legal support outsourcing. In e-discovery, data is stored or shared in electronic or digital forms. Running e-discovery business for non-legal concerns assists attorneys to perform effectively in their core areas.

    This allows legal professionals to concentrate appropriately within core fields. Simultaneously, related operations such as ESI processing, forensic evaluation, storage, database generation, hosting, software troubleshooting, and so on are well-handled by the outsourcing company.

    Lower Turnaround Time:

    Litigation support outsourcing can help to reduce the work cycle time to a large extent. As outsourcing companies along with in-house team work on concurrent tasks, they can be carried out quickly and easily. Process automation and productive operations likewise stimulate decreased time in operations.

    Reduced Risk:

    The risk that occurs as a result of losing client’s e-discovery information or ESI processing inaccuracy can be handled effectively. Litigation support outsourcing assists in keeping away from these kinds of detrimental errors by taking care of data storage and relevant activities in a reliable way.


    Small or medium-sized companies with a handful of employees usually consider litigation support services to scale up in a similar fashion as bigger firms and to deal with the workflow issues. By outsourcing to offshore vendors, companies are able to take advantage of higher flexibility in staffing, which enables them to stay away from the expenses linked to full-time, permanent employee.

    Law firms are now considerably using the services of litigation support companies for automation of business procedures. This can help to make the operations considerably faster with improved performance. Decreased cost factor likewise appeals to client companies to a large extent. Outsourcing these kinds of services in companies turns out to be a huge success over the long term, granted that the client company needs to choose a well-known outsourcing company, such as Cogneesol.

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    A decision on this could be made after examining the past performances of the outsourcing service provider as well as company prerequisites. If a client is capable of doing this part with without failure, they can be assured of superior operations and consequently improved productivity.

    Are you loaded with a lot of work in your law firm? Does it cost you a lot to hire more legal professionals? Get better solutions by contacting Cogneesol – a leading LPO company, providing effective litigation support services to law firms and lawyers. Call us today at +1 646-688-2821, or send an email at info@cogneesol.com.

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