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Blog » Best Ways to Optimize Your Document Review Process

Best Ways to Optimize Your Document Review Process

Last updated: 06 Mar, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

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The document review process is among the most important process of any Legal Proceeding. In this process, the parties included in the case review sort their documents and all the related files to determine how relevant their documents are in regard to the case.

Experienced and trained attorneys usually carry out the task. However, in recent years, many law firms and attorneys have shifted to outsourcing firms for experts to review documents.

Steps to Follow in the Document Review Process

The technique and document review processes that maximize this task must be followed, so the client finds it worth spending money on.

1. Organize the Review by Subject

A common way to sort out the review is by putting them in batches i.e., 1-100, 101-200, and so on. This way, it gets difficult to find an actual issue when required. However, if reviews are systematized according to subject and issues it will be a lot easier and will provide a better understanding of the case.

Divide further into sub-divisions and sub-items and then join all of these together by issue. The reviews can also be batched according to the date of drafting legal documents.

It may be challenging at first, but reviewing documents by issues has many benefits you will gradually appreciate. Your team can summarize the most critical issues by tagging all documents with relevance, privilege, and issue headings.

2. Hire Trained Reviewers and Guide them

Once the decision to do legal documents review by issues instead of sequence-wise is taken, it is vital to ensure that your review team thoroughly understands the core issues. You have to hire the best from your review provider carefully.

Once hired, you also have to train your reviewers well. Also, provide a written document of custodians with brief descriptions to them. You must train your team optimally for the best results until they have equipped and mastered the required skill set. 

If, in any case, you feel overburdened by this task and if this task is consuming all your time, you can always opt to outsource all your tasks and hire document review services.

3. Interact Frequently with your Review Team

Remember that your review team comprises professional lawyers; you should interact with them to get the most out of the review process. Let your review team put questions, issues, and queries, as that’s what you’ve hired them for.

You can interact with them in many ways, i.e., by messaging or using specialized software that enables tagging people for instant access. This speeds up the review process.

4. Always be Updated on what’s Coming up

Make your review team note down points they notice during the review. You will have a better understanding of the highlighted points. Go through each line to ensure that no point is missed.

Your professional lawyers will review the case being handled credibly, which will benefit you in one way or another.

They may pen down the points in separate documents or jot down on the same document or even short notice bullet forms. Since the way they pen down the points does not matter, what actually matters is resourcefulness. Encourage regular meetings with your team, as this consultation will refine the review process better.

No matter how advanced computer-assisted or technology-assisted review is, an expert team of lawyers will always need to draft and review legal documents. You will always need a human touch, and it is entirely up to you how you utilize and spend wisely on document review.

    Optimize your Document Review Process without spending on hiring document reviewers and going through a lengthy process by outsourcing the work to professional document review services. At Cogneesol, our team comprises trained and experienced document reviewers who foster a curiosity for innovative possibilities.

    For more information, write to us at [email protected] or call +1-646-688-282.

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