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Blog » Smart Tips For Effective Data Capture And Data Management

Smart Tips For Effective Data Capture And Data Management

Last updated: 15 Apr, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

data capture and management

Data management solutions are extremely important for a business organization. With rapid advancements in technology, many data management software has developed which have made this task much simpler. There are situations where the sources of data are in multiple formats. In such situations, data capturing and management solutions need to be utilized.

Businesses must ensure that data-capturing services are performed properly. If a commercial organization is struggling with data capture operations, it can consider implementing the option of outsourcing data management services.

Tips for Effectively Performing Data Capturing and Management Functions:

1. Smart-Cards:

Smart cards are small in size but are capable of offering the right services when it comes to personal verification, authentication, biometrics, etc. Information transfer and data access can be easily achieved by using this tool.

2. Web-Data Capture:

This technology helps in capturing data from the internet.
Voice- Recognition- Implementing this technology captures information in the form of voice and converts it into a usable format.

3. Manual Data Capture:

This is the traditional method of data capturing. This method utilizes input devices available on a computer and typically stores data in Excel or another word processing platform. The drawback of this method is its time-consuming nature. However, organizations with fewer data capture tasks can follow this process.

4. Automated Data Capture:

This involves the usage of the latest computerized technology for performing data capturing tasks. Initially, this process would involve higher costs, but with the passage of time, it makes the process cost-effective. This is due to the reduced cost of hiring manpower and offering infrastructure over a period of time. Various technologies like OCR, ICR, OMR, etc are in use these days.

Data Capturing Services

Let’s discuss these technologies below:

1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

This technology converts image files, scanned paper, etc., into editable data.

2. Intelligent Character Recognition:

The objective of this technology is to capture handwritten printed characters from image files.

3. Optical Mark Reading:

This technology captures human-marked data from forms and surveys.

4. Magnetic Ink character Recognition:

Banks mainly use this technology to capture formatted data during the processing of checks, and so on.

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