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Do’s and Don’ts of Data Entry Outsourcing

Last updated: 10 Aug, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

In the past few years, data has become an integral part of a business’s success. Business firms of all sizes are using data to strategize their business functions. In this scenario hiring qualified and proficient data entry teams is important as the prominence of data has progressed to a serious level in the world of ‘Big Data’.

Efficient data entry operators ensure the swift running of an organization by performing data- related functions impeccably. Although every organization has specific and intricate requirements, there are parallels in key data entry credentials in most profiles and hence, outsource data entry operations can be a key factor in a firm’s success.

In this article, we will throw light on do’s and don’ts of data entry outsourcing. This article will help companies who are in the course of employing data entry operators.

Let us discuss the essential capabilities of a vendor dealing with data entry services. Although data entry is a clerical profile, the vendor should have some chief competencies:

  • Patience & Discipline: A data entry professional must have the ability to concentrate during long hours in a sitting position.
  • Keyboard Skills: The data entry operators should possess speed and accuracy in their work. They should be able to operate scanners and other digital input devices.
  • IT and Communication: Impeccable communication skills, essential software competencies like- record management, worksheets, word processors and data-banks is an asset to the vendor. Business firms expect their vendors to handle multiple specialized responsibilities.

If we talk about Do’s; a firm providing data entry outsourcing services should focus on the following points:

  • Computer literacy and MS Office proficiency
  • Effective e-mail and phone etiquette
  • Typing speed of 50-60 words per minute
  • Data analysis and manipulation skills
  • Experience in discovering and amending data entry faults
  • Fast, accurate and timely submission of assignments
  • Grammar and spellcheck- inspection and correction of errors
  • Team-oriented functioning in the office
  • Dealing with customer demands and problem resolution

While a data entry firm must focus on the positive, relevant undertakings and skills mentioned in the preceding points, they should be careful and avoid some mistakes.

Don’t commit the errors mentioned in the following points:

data entry error

  • Don’t exaggerate or distort your credentials
  • Prioritize information and mention your strengths first
  • Customize synopsis as per the requirements of the client
  • Eliminate grammatical errors and check all spellings at least twice
  • Mention specifics in one-page synopsis, avoid the clutter of information
  • Don’t forget a synopsis and customize your solutions as much as possible
  • Use simple fonts and keep the size between 11-12
  • Never use ready-made templates and create your own
  • Don’t display personal credentials like age and social security number

Data entry outsourcing has now penetrated in both government and private sector businesses. Outsourcing these services allows the firms to get customized solutions depending upon the nature of their assignment.

Professional teams of data entry operators are working around the globe for over a decade and delivering outstanding results. It is time to leave behind the traditional practices and outsource data entry services to ensure success.

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