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Blog » Do I Really Need An Accountant? Get All Your Answers!

Do I Really Need An Accountant? Get All Your Answers!

Last updated: 18 Jan, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

Accountant for business

There is often a notion that the scale of your business is the primary determining factor for deciding whether you need accounting help. Nothing can be further from the truth. You might need an accountant for business regardless of the size of your business.

Consider the case where you have a small business or a start-up. It is quite possible that you may not have the required professional expertise to understand the intricacies of accounting and hence will need assistance from day 1.

Again if your business is on the fast track growth rate, you will hardly have time to spare from supervising your core activities for monitoring accounting functions. In both these cases, availing the services of an outsourced accounting firm should be your primary concern.

For large and established businesses, the situation is no different. The complexities of managing large accounting functions require support from a large team of accountants and installing sophisticated hardware and software, often at substantial investments.

Simply by contracting an accounts outsourcing company, these aspects can be done away with, leaving you with time and capital to invest in the key area of business growth and development.

How then can outsourced accounting work optimally for both small and large businesses?

Team of accountants at your disposal

When you hire an accounting firm, it will not be one or two accountants who will be overseeing your business financials, there will be a team of them. And regardless of whether you are a small or large organization, you stand to gain immensely from it. There will be a number of people processing your accounting data, thereby eliminating the possibility of errors of an individual.

Further, there will always be someone available to address your concerns should you need one. This is particularly helpful for large businesses as an accounting outsourcing company has the required infrastructure in place to cater to constantly rising needs of corporate houses.

Tailor-made plans for your business

This is one reason why hiring outsourced accounting firms is so useful for small and large businesses alike. When you are starting out you would need trained accountants of an accounting outsourcing firm to guide you along in areas that match the bookkeeping needs of your small business.

A full-time in-house accountant for business is therefore not required in this case. You can have a plan devised that includes specific accounting services and pay accordingly.

For large businesses too, you can have customized plans with outsourced accountant teams taking care of the total bookkeeping functions of your business. You can thus do away with hiring specialized full-time accounts executives at high salaries and ensure the same quality and quantum of output at highly affordable rates.

Adjusting to scale of work

A growing business and even a large scale one will have increasing accounting functions as the business grows and goes to the next level. For you, coping with this can distract you from your focus of ensuring business growth. You have to constantly evaluate your accounting needs and hire additional staff to cope with the increase. It can by itself be a tedious process if done at frequent intervals. This is excluding the recurring expenses that naturally come up when you hire more employees.

All this can be done away with when you hire an accounting outsourcing firm. This is because they have the necessary infrastructure in place to handle assignments of any size – from that of a small-scale business or start-up to large and corporate entities. When you hire them initially, you start with a specific accounting plan and services.

As your business grows, so will your accounting needs. This is no issue with the accountant firm which can then scale up the plan easily as the infrastructure is already in place. You can move seamlessly between plans to suit your needs.

You should not think that the size of your business determines whether you should opt for outsource accounting services. All that is necessary is to discuss the matter with them and have an optimized plan in place.

One of the top accounting firms that you can contact is Cogneesol. We have a team of accountants who can help structure the ideal accounting plan for you regardless of the size of your business.

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