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Addressing Data Security Risks in Outsourcing Accounting Services

Last updated: 07 Sep, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

Data security is a top-of-the-mind issue for companies outsourcing accounting servicesData breaches still take place at an unsettling speed, victimizing high-value goals along with SMBs. This environment might be the reason for consideration, particularly when you are dealing with your company’s financial data and planning to outsource.

There are various tactics to take into account to safeguard your company’s data in case you are presently a client of an accounts outsourcing company or are in the process of sourcing a new one for the association.

Mitigating Data Security Risks by Outsourced Accounting Services

Review Your Internal Security System:

Security starts in your own yard. Take a look at your data generation, compilation and storage platforms to rope in possible leaks. These kinds of leaks can be a result of insufficient controls over accessibility with a lot of staff members provided free rein over private or sensitive data for the reason that they belong to a particular division.

Small enterprise accounting procedures might be wanting with regards to protecting data on account of the inaccurate idea that the company is very small of a target for detrimental hacking. Gather only data which you essentially require to enhance records management and boost retrieval when you require it.

Whenever you use accounting services to an expert company, having a rational and process-driven strategy of collating data is necessary for guaranteeing a potent association. Make use of database supervising gateways and firewalls to put a stop to misuse of privilege and exploitation of system vulnerabilities internally as well as from the outside.

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Study the Contractor’s Security Procedures:

It surely is not sufficient that the outsourcing services you are contemplating have by no means been a data breach victim. You have to figure out, ideally with paperwork and written proof, as much as you can regarding the company’s physical security, data administration and records disposal procedures. This is a three-step technique:

1) Surveillance for Physical Establishments or Remote Access Locales: 

Access points to all of the data need to be protected. This consists of imposing limitations on remote access settings, handling data entry and exit areas and developed user-level permissions to limit accessibility. Outsourcing will probably lower the dependence on paper-based data and cut down on the susceptibility of printed details.

2) Staff: 

The accounting services adherence to customer security are in a position to clarify the powerful verification and recruitment procedure for their staff, particularly people who are going to have accessibility to your files. Staff members ought to go through comprehensive checks and be frequently evaluated to make sure conformity with rules and specifications.

3) Computer Systems and Technologies:

Data servers need to be situated in safe facilities with sufficient activity tracking systems available. Each and every PC and crucial process needs to undergo various levels of user authentication, and just about all external storage resources, such as USB, DVD and Disc drives have to be incapacitated to avert illegal accessing of client data.

However, if you are looking for a trustable accounting outsourcing firm, then look no further than Cogneesol! We understand your security concerns and ensure you great data confidentiality by guiding you through our company’s standard and protocols.