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Ritu Kaushal
Legal Associate and Trainer at Cogneesol Inc.
Ritu Kaushal completed her graduation in Law in 2010 and Masters in Business Laws in 2016. In her graduation degree, she gained a specialization in Cyber Law and Intellectual Property Laws. During the Masters in Business Laws, she went through certain new areas like Banking Laws, Insurance Laws, Investment Laws, Taxation and Environmental Laws.
She had a good grasp of the latest amendments in Company Law during her Master's degree. Currently, she is leading the Legal Division of Cogneesol Inc. The company provides services like Litigation support, Paralegal services, Assistance to Personal injury lawyers, Contract drafting, review and management, Document Review, Medical Summarization, Preparation of Tax Advisory Reports, Contract Tagging and Contract Extraction to their offshore clients.
She has been writing articles to express her views regarding the nuances of the law, emerging trends in law, and legal field from the last nine years.
Contract Management
Contract Management Services
Contract Management – The Shield Your Business Needs from Legal Risks

We know that contract management is a critical aspect of every business. It serves as the very foundation of all [...]

Contract Drafting
Contract Management Services
Mastering Contract Drafting: Strategies to Avoid Common Mistakes

Contract drafting is of the most important aspects of business transactions. Clear and well-drafted agreements between parties lay the very [...]

Contract Management Workflow
Contract Management Services
How Can Businesses Adapt Contract Management Workflow for Success?

Every business needs to optimize its contract management workflow. According to a study by World Commerce and Contracting, approx. 9.2% of [...]

Contract Lifecycle Management
Contract Management Services
Make 2024 the Year of Contract Lifecycle Management Adoption

Businesses of all sizes, across industry sectors, require their legal teams to have standard policies and protocols for effective contract lifecycle [...]

Contract Management
Contract Management Services
Contract Management in the New Era – Challenges and Opportunities

World Commerce and Contracting has estimated that 60-80 % of business operations are governed by contracts and agreements. Astute and meticulous management of [...]

Breach of Contract
Contract Management Services
Breach of Contract: Types, Impacts and Available Remedies

Large organizations make different significant decisions every day, so they need to deal with an immense proportion of outside and [...]

Industrial benefits of Contract Management Software
Contract Management Services
5 Industries that can Gain a Competitive Advantage with Contract Management Software

In many industries, contracts are the foundation defining operational requirements for project fulfillment. Thus, contract lifecycle management (CLM) becomes crucial [...]

Contract Disputes
Contract Management Services
Avoid Business Contract Disputes with these Expert Tips!

If your company needs to terminate a contract for any practical reason, you can do so. But is it possible [...]

Breach of contract
Contract Management Services
Tips to Deal with a Contract Breach: Before, During, and After a Legal Action

Every business forms internal and external contracts right from the start of its journey. Every contract is different owing to [...]

Contract managment services
Contract Management Services
Contract Management Services: The Ultimate Choice of Leading Market Players!

By definition, contract management is the management of a legally enforceable contract that exists between a business and its customers, [...]

Benefits of contract management
Contract Management Services
How Can Contract Review and Management Services Benefit Law Firms and Businesses?

Maintaining business relationships is significantly influenced by the benefits of effective contract management. Large organizations often find the review and [...]

outsource legal work
Contract Management Services
How to Outsource Legal Work at Your Law Firm?

Before seeking an answer to how to or rather the modalities of outsourcing legal work at your law firm, it [...]

Contract Abstraction Management
Contract Management Services
Significance of Legal Contract Abstraction Management These Days

Today’s business legal divisions are considering consolidating and strengthening their contract management procedures. Hiring a legal process outsourcing company can [...]

Contract Management
Contract Management Services
Streamline Your Company’s Contract Management With These Practices

An organization may find each business unit under it having a dissimilar contract function. This usually occurs when business units [...]

Legal Outsourcing
Contract Management Services
A Brief Overview Of The Future Of Legal Outsourcing By 2020

Legal outsourcing services are becoming increasingly popular in the modern scenario. The global legal outsourcing companies expect to have a [...]

Outsource document drafting
Contract Management Services
Why Hire an Outsourcing Firm for Drafting Legal Documents?

Ironically, the rise of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) was due to a misfortune that had the financial world in convulsions [...]

Contract Drafting & Reviewing Services
Contract Management Services
Why Choose Cogneesol for Legal Contract Drafting and Reviewing?

The rise of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is a comparatively new phenomenon. It has become an alternative for legal firms [...]

Outsourcing company for legal drafting
Contract Management Services
Reasons to Hire a Legal Outsourcing Company for Legal Drafting

Lawyers, in general, have to work within tight schedules and meet deadlines on a variety of issues. Mostly you will [...]

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