Legal Outsourcing India
Why India is a Preferred Legal Outsourcing Destination

For close to three decades now, India has been one of the most sought-after hubs for Legal process outsourcing services [...]

Contract Management Workflow
Contract Management Services
How Can Businesses Adapt Contract Management Workflow for Success?

Every business needs to optimize its contract management workflow. According to a study by World Commerce and Contracting, approx. 9.2% of [...]

Outsourcing Litigation Support
Outsourcing Litigation Support – Your Road to Efficiency and Success

First, what is litigation support? Outsourcing Litigation support is the support provided to attorneys, legal teams, or law firms in [...]

Litigation Support
How Litigation Support Services Can Be Your Game-Changer

From discovery to trial, did you know that a good litigation support company can give you a winning edge? They can [...]

Accounting Services for Law firms
Accounting Blog
Accounting Services for Law Firms – A Basic Necessity

Law firms have several unique accounting needs due to the nature of their business and the specific regulatory requirements they [...]

legal support
How Legal Support Services Can Propel Growth for Law Firms

With sweeping changes across regulations, compliance requirements, and risk management, law firms are facing operational pressures to manage their budgets. [...]

Outsourced paralegal
Balancing Workload and Budget: The Benefits of Outsourced Paralegals

What does the data say? According to the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO): Global Strategic Business Report by Research and Markets, “In [...]

Legal Process Outsourcing Services
Legal Process Outsourcing Services On The Rise: What’s The Reason?

The global legal services industry was majorly dominated by developed countries like the US over the last couple of decades. [...]

Legal Profession Challenges
11 Biggest Legal Profession Challenges in 2022

The legal sector has exploded in the past few years and became a multi-billion-dollar industry with a wide range of [...]

Legal Technology
Legal Technology Helps in Improving the Client Experience (Infographic)

The legal sector has been quite reluctant to change, especially in terms of embracing technology. However, in the modern business [...]

Remote Work
Law Firms Must Remain Secure in the Remote Work Era: Know How!

With the rapid shift in working methods, the IT and security professionals at law firms are encountering more pressure to [...]

Law Firms
How Law Firms Can Ensure Value to Clients and Benefit from it

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everything, and all present predictions and strategies of running a law firm have become futile. [...]

Market-Influencing Litigation Trends 2021 – Experts’ Opinions
Market-Influencing Litigation Trends 2021 – Experts’ Opinions

With drastic changes that we have witnessed since the pandemic in 2020, the legal sector had to undergo some significant [...]

Title Search
5 Crucial Steps Completing the Title Search Process

In real estate law, a title search (also called property title search) is a process followed to retrieve documents. It [...]

Legal Practice
Why Should Lawyers Adopt Technology for Their Legal Practice?

The legal practice has changed significantly in the last few decades. It has now become a global enterprise market which [...]

Legal Administration Outsourcing
Why Law Firms Should Consider Legal Administration Outsourcing?

Legal administration, a necessary clerical department in law firms, supports attorneys in maintaining the work schedule in balance with time [...]

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