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Ashish Rana completed his graduation in Commerce from Punjab University in 2005 and has done an MBA in Finance from Punjab Technical University. He holds more than 15 years of professional experience in the finance, accounting and taxation industry.
He has successfully reviewed and processed various tasks under Accounting & Bookkeeping, Payroll, Personal Property Tax Returns, Business or Corporate Tax Returns, Individual Tax Returns (1040), Notice Handling, Tax Planning for Individuals and Corporations, MIS Reporting, Communication with US Staff and US Clients.
At present, he is supervising a team of more than 150 employees who deal with International Clients for Accounts, Payroll, Sales Tax VAT and GST returns, and also takes care of MIS Reporting, Communication with Clients.
He has been writing informative and engaging articles about the accounting industry, expressing his views on the latest industry trends, providing solutions against the common accounting problems faced by businesses, streamlining their accounting processes eventually.
Account Reconciliation
Accounting Blog
Business Account Reconciliation: Major Challenges and Their Solutions

Account reconciliation can have a significant influence when understanding the monetary wellbeing of your business. This makes it a vital [...]

Bank Account Reconciliation Process
Accounting Blog
Roundup: Smart Tips to Streamline the Bank Account Reconciliation Process by Experts!

Bank account reconciliation is a process of comparing bank statements with the cash book which businesses maintain internally. This process [...]

Account Reconciliation Automation
Accounting Blog
How Can Technology Modernize Accounts Reconciliation?

In the dynamic realm of finance and accounting, where precision is paramount, technology emerges as a formidable ally. It is [...]

bank account reconciliation best practices
Accounting Blog
Bank Account Reconciliation – 10 Smart Steps to Smooth up your Process

In the dynamic landscape of financial management, ensuring the accuracy and coherence of your company's financial records is paramount. Bank [...]

outsource accounting
Accounting Blog
How Outsource Accounting Services Prevent Frauds in Auditing? – Infographic

In today's dynamic and highly competitive business landscape, the specter of fraud looms larger than ever before. With the relentless [...]

Reconciliation of Account Receivable
Accounts Receivable
A Step by Step Process for Reconciliation of Accounts Receivable – Infographic

Accounts receivable play a pivotal role in the financial health of every business organization. It involves the process of matching [...]

Balance Sheet Reconciliation
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
Why is Balance Sheet Reconciliation Essential for Businesses Every Month?

As someone who runs a business, it is imperative that you have a grasp on your company's financial standing. To [...]

Credit Card Reconciliation
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
How to Reconcile Credit Card with QuickBooks? – Infographic

Credit card reconciliation is a crucial practice for any business organization, ensuring financial accuracy and integrity. However, this task often [...]

QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
Few Tips for QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation

Reconciling your bank account is among the most important business activities. This task has to be performed regularly every month. [...]

Cash Reconciliation and Cash Forecasting
Accounting Blog
Importance of Cash Reconciliation and Cash Forecasting for a Business!

Cash reconciliation, and forecasting are the backbone of cash flow planning. Without precise cash forecast, businesses cannot plan their cash [...]

Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
5 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes that Startups Usually Make

The majority of business owners have no difficulty trying to think up big ideas for the best way to start [...]

Account Reconciliation
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
Importance of Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation Services for Your Business

In any business, cash is the most important factor. It is the cash which helps in conducting the day to [...]

Bank reconciliation process
Accounting Blog
Read 5 Easy Steps to Improve your Bank Reconciliation Process

Maintaining the accuracy of the financial statements is of great importance for a business firm. Bank account reconciliation process plays [...]

account reconciliation services
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
What Account Reconciliation Services are & Why to Use? – Infographic

Account reconciliation services are fundamental aspects of effective financial management for businesses of all sizes. These services involve comparing a [...]

account reconciliation process
Accounting Blog
Keep Financial Records Up-to-date With Account Reconciliation Process

The account reconciliation process is crucial for business organizations. It ensures that there's a balance between financial records and bank [...]

Bank Reconciliation Process
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
How Bank Reconciliation Process can Fix Accounting Errors?

Accounting is an activity that generally gets ignored in business organizations due to the importance is given to revenue-earning activities. [...]

bank account reconciliation
Accounting Blog
Get your Accounting Business on Track with Bank Account Reconciliation Services

Bank Reconciliation Services play an integral role in managing business finances in the right manner. However, this process is associated [...]

reconcile Bank Account
Accounting Blog
How to Reconcile Your Bank Account Statement ? 5 Simple Steps

Accurate bank reconciliation of business accounts ensures the balancing of book records with respective bank statements. Having said that, performing [...]

bank Accounts Reconciliation Services
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
How Accounts Reconciliation Services Can Simplify Your Monthly Accounting?

All successful businesses are based on the premise that their accounts are fully balanced periodically and the balance sheet reflects [...]

bank reconciliations
Accounting Blog
How Monthly Bank Reconciliations Can Help Save Money and Prevent Fraud?

Businesses, in general, follow the system of double entry bookkeeping. One transaction is set off against another and two entries [...]

Benefits of account reconciliation
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
5 Benefits of Monthly Account Reconciliation For Your Business

To run a business successfully, it is important to conduct monthly account reconciliation process at the end of every month. [...]

Outsource Accounting Service For Doctors
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
Outsource Accounting Services – A Simple Solution for Doctors and Healthcare Clinics

Graduating to be a doctor is not easy. Once you become a full-fledged healthcare specialist, setting up a practice or [...]

Account Reconciliation Process
Accounting Blog
Streamline Your Account Reconciliation Process with Cogneesol

There is a certain dichotomy about the whole accounting process. On one hand, the very foundation of a business rests [...]

Credit card reconciliation services
Accounting Blog
Why Does Your Business Need Professional Credit Card Reconciliation Services?

Corporate credit card reconciliation is a crucial process. It ensures the accuracy of financial records, controlling expenses, and maintaining transparency [...]

Outsource account Reconciliation Services
Accounting Blog
Lessen the Burden of Accounts Reconciliation. Start Outsourcing

Accounting is all about precision, accuracy and reconciliation. Every business aims for exponential growth, free from fraudulent transactions. Invariably, reconciliation [...]

bank account reconciliation
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
Importance of Account Reconciliation for Businesses or Individuals!

Account reconciliation is a critical financial practice for both businesses and individuals in the United States, ensuring the accuracy and [...]

Balance Sheet Reconciliation
Accounting Blog
Balance Sheet Reconciliation is Crucial to Business. Learn Why!

The Balance Sheet in any organization is a reflection of the efficiency (or inefficiency) of its performance. Hence it is [...]

Reconciliation accounting
Bank Credit Card Reconciliation
Account Reconciliation Services For Your Business Security

Proper and accurate record keeping is vital for any business irrespective of its size and structure. It is mandatory to [...]

Reconciling Bank Accounts
Accounting Blog
What Kind of Errors to Avoid While Reconciling Bank Accounts?

Preparing bank reconciliation is an extremely crucial aspect of bookkeeping. Whether you are maintaining your own books and data records [...]

Reconciliation of Accounts
Accounting Blog
Understanding Reconciliation of Accounts in a Simplified Manner

Do you dump your monthly account statements into a cabinet every month and by no means lay a hand on [...]

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