Mohit Sharma
Assistant Manager - Insurance Services at Cogneesol Inc.
Mohit Sharma, who graduated in IT, holds 9 years of experience in working on both the retail & wholesale aspects of insurance. His career began as a transportation underwriting assistant for policy issuance, endorsements, and cancellations. He played a key role in putting together policy issuance programs for Lloyd’s of London, binding contracts, and managing the issuance team of an insurance wholesaler based in Texas, US.
Mohit Joined Cogneesol in February 2011; with his vast experience in both personal and commercial insurance lines, he is responsibly managing several teams, handling all the processes included in policy management, quoting, and personal auto claims.
He values the relationships he has built throughout the years with his clients and mentors. Apart from being a passionate Cricket fan, Mohit enjoys spending time with his family and traveling with them even more.
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