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Blog » How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Using QuickBooks Accounting Software?

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Using QuickBooks Accounting Software?

Last updated: 16 Oct, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

QuickBooks Accounting Software

Gone are the days when an accounts department had massive amount of employees for managing hundreds of invoices. Today, all this is possible with a click of a mouse. This has become possible with the introduction of QuickBooks accounting.

QuickBooks is a unique platform has offer customized features and specifications for all size of businesses. Moreover, with an Internet connection you can monitor your finances on the go. To make informed decisions, you can retrieve reports in real-time.

By outsourcing QuickBooks accounting services, you can get more than 50 different reports with fields customized to your requirements. However, any software is only as good as the person who is inputting data into the system. Wrong entries and incorrect settings of the software can make things go horribly skewed with reports that have no connection with the actual.

Thus care should be taken to ensure that errors are avoided at all costs. This assumes greater significance here because this software helps businesses manage such critical heads like accounts payable and receivable, inventory management and sales and payroll functions.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in QuickBooks Accounting Software

Substituting in-built mock-up file with company file

When the software is being installed for the first time, there is a sample file that is purely for illustrative purposes only. But those new in this line often tend to build on it and make it the actual business file.

This leads to errors as the sample format is only indicative and does not contain all required fields of the company. To avoid such a mistake, structure a fresh and new file and customize it with all your required fields.

Deleting pre-set fields

QuickBooks being very user-friendly offers a long list of accounts that you can start off with. These are common to most businesses. The reason for the Chart of Accounts is to guide you through the initial stages so that you do not have to add any head of accounts immediately. These include amongst others Inventory Assets, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Sales Tax Payable and so on.

Now if you are in the service industry and not in the manufacturing sector there will be a tendency to delete say Inventory Assets head. This can result in errors as the software will not be able to correctly classify your subsequent transactions. It is always advisable to let the software “settle down” for a few months before deleting any head permanently.

Creating large numbers of accounts and sub-accounts

QuickBooks permits a great degree of flexibility in creating reports which can be tailor-made with details of specific heads required by businesses. Hence any account that is needed to evaluate the state of the organization can be incorporated into the software and these can be further clubbed into sub-heads.

Creating a lot of accounts and sub-accounts however, overloads and complicates the system leading to problems with classification. To get the maximum out of the software, keep things simple and have a logical flow of account information that optimizes easy extraction of required data.

Not maximizing QuickBooks Accounting functions

QuickBooks Accounting Software is very versatile with wide-ranging options to expand its potential to the fullest. There are a large number of apps and software that complement QuickBooks and add a host of extra functionalities.

One of the universal mistakes made by users is to keep themselves within the basic limits and parameters of the software and not use its many prospects to the fullest. Look for other add-ons that will enable you to get the maximum mileage out of QuickBooks.

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Use QuickBooks Accounting Services To Save Costs!

Manage your business finances comprehensively with QuickBooks, simple user-friendly accounting software. Follow these few steps and unleash its full power to your advantage.

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