Real estate contract management
The Power of Effective Contract Management in the Real Estate Industry

“The global real estate market size was valued at USD 3.69 trillion in 2021 and is expected to expand at [...]

cogneesol recognised as a major contender insurance everest bps peak matrix
Cogneesol – A Major Contender in Everest Group’s P&C Insurance BPS PEAK Matrix® Again

Cogneesol has been recognised as a Major Contender in Everest Group’s P&C Insurance BPS PEAK Matrix for the year 2022. [...]

cogneesol applied net 2023
Cogneesol at Applied Net 2023

Cogneesol will be a part of the Applied Net 2023, the world’s largest insurtech conference, from 23-26 October, at the [...]

BPO company
Clutch Recognizes Cogneesol as Top BPO Company

Business process outsourcing companies (BPO) are taking over, and the question that lingers on most business people's minds is — [...]

IT Outsourcing
Advantages of IT Outsourcing for Businesses

Outsourcing your IT management and maintenance is similar to making use of electricity – you don’t require or wish to [...]

Outsourcing Web Development
Technology Solutions
Consider these Points When Outsourcing Web Development Tasks

Employing a web developer to build a website to suit your needs is merely the start of outsourcing web development [...]

Smartphone App Development
Technology Solutions
Should You Outsource Smartphone App Development? We Can Answer This!

You understand what you are looking for and you have an in-house staff of mobile app development experts. On your [...]

Financial Statements
Accounting Blog
Financial Statements that are an Absolute Must for Your Business

A smart business owner deliberately exerts time and effort to remain on top of his books. Whether or not you [...]

payroll processing services
Accounting Blog
Why Use Xero for Payroll Processing?

As a small business entrepreneur, meticulously following business conformity stipulations is obligatory. Well-timed and precise processing of payroll is an [...]

Xero Accounting Software
Accounting Blog
Why Choose Xero as Your Accounting Software for Your Business?

For any small enterprise, maintaining the books and ensuring you're atop of cash flow requires time and energy. However, it [...]

Data Management Blog
Why Outsourcing Data Management is So Popular?

Contemplating what made outsourcing data management so very popular? Many companies prioritize other business units over data entry, leading them [...]

Data Management Services
Data Management Blog
When Should You Consider Outsourcing Data Management?

On the grounds that big data is getting bigger and bigger, the majority of businesses are finding it more challenging [...]

How Advantageous is Outsourcing IT Services?
How Advantageous is Outsourcing IT Services?

IT outsourcing is the utilization of third party companies to efficiently provide IT-enabled business processes, application solutions and infrastructure options [...]

Business Process Outsourcing
How is Technology Impacting Business Process Outsourcing?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) continues to offer businesses with a solution to economize for a long time, however existing IT [...]

Outsourcing company
What To Consider While Choosing Your Ideal IT Outsourcing Company?

Outsourcing service providers out there are tirelessly looking to get business from you, countless of them, making use of each [...]

business process outsourcing services
Get to Know More about Business Process Outsourcing as a Service

In one of our previous posts addressing the latest developments in Business Process Outsourcing, we pointed out the advancement of [...]

Outsourcing Accounting Services
Trend of Outsourcing Accounting Services Growing Rapidly These Days

When we initiated our business in 2008, outsourcing finance and accounting services was a novelty. The concept of outsourcing manufacturing, [...]

data management outsourcing
Data Management Blog
Outsourcing Data Management Services is a Smart Move

Efficient data management, whether through modern technology or a skilled workforce, essentially involves an intensive process that requires the best [...]

SEO and Design Techniques
Digital Services
5 SEO and Design Techniques That Will Remain Evergreen

Change is perpetual and particularly so on the internet. Using flash animations on the websites was very popular about six [...]

xero accounting
Bookkeeping Services
Why Should You Choose Xero Over Spreadsheet?

A lot of small business owners are content with the use of a spreadsheet to handle their bookkeeping tasks. Even [...]

QuickBooks and Xero
Accounting Blog
Making a Choice Between QuickBooks and Xero

There is certainly a considerable amount of chit-chat these days comparing and contrasting QuickBooks and Xero. However, if we look [...]

Outsourcing Business Solutions
Why Business Process Outsourcing Makes Complete Sense?

Establishing a new business is speculative, complicated and challenging, even though you might have several proprietors and resources. To achieve [...]

online marketing
Digital Services
Top 5 Online Marketing Tools for Attorneys These Days

Social media has transformed businesses marketing tactics. Lawyer advertising and marketing is not an exception to this situation. A social [...]

seo outsourcing services
Digital Services
Outsourcing SEO Services – Things to Keep in Mind

Chances of finding a good SEO outsourcing company starts diminishing the moment you enter the market without having knowledge about [...]

Outsource to India
Why Companies Prefer Outsourcing to India? [Infographic]

Why businesses outsource to India? Is it just because of cost-saving benefit or quality of work or time-zone advantages? Well, [...]

Bookkeeping Services
How Effective Bookkeeping Helps to Strengthen Market Position?

Bookkeeping is the process of maintaining details of the financial activities of an organization. Businesses that fail at maintaining accurate [...]

How to Make Outsourcing a Quick and Hassle-free Process?

Entrepreneurs need to identify the problematic areas and challenges associated with outsourcing projects. They need to be prepared to make [...]

Electronic Data Processing
Data Management Blog
Electronic Data Processing: Outsourcing Companies Assure Data Accuracy and Accessibility

Information is critical to a business’s claim to success, stability and long-term objectives. The question is not whether your business [...]

Data Mining
Data Management Blog
Data Mining: Know Your Customers Better than Closest Competitors

There is no question about the fact that the competition is getting fierce day by day. Businesses are under real [...]

business process outsourcing
Top 5 Tasks Small Businesses Can Outsource These Days

Time has changed now and the outsourcing industry has started offering a similar set of services to small business that [...]

cloud accounting
Cloud Accounting: Empowering Businesses Today

The statistics show that cloud accounting became highly successful in 2014. It touched a mammoth figure of 1.7$ Billion last [...]

Data Entry Outsourcing
Data Management Blog
An Insight to Outsourcing Data Conversion Services

Technology has brought convenience and comfort into our lives. The accessibility factor is the biggest talking point in the business [...]

Data Security
Data Security – A Crucial Factor to Consider When Planning to Outsource

The outsourcing sector has always been haunted by the thought of data breaches, privacy invasions, and sensitive information shared for [...]

Business Survival Tips
Crucial Business Survival Tips for You

Competition is tougher. Businesses are under intense pressure to attract bright talent and retain the existing ones. Small and mid-sized [...]

Outsourcing Business Processes
Outsourcing Business Processes – What You Need to Know Before?

The outsourcing industry has become the first preference of businessmen all over the world. The only question every new entrant [...]

Outsourcing Industry
FACT: Indian Outsourcing Industry is Thriving These Days

The Indian outsourcing industry is a case-study for the business students. There are a few strong lessons to be learned [...]

Outsource Social Media
Digital Services
It’s the Right Time to Outsource Social Media Monitoring

Fans are growing. The likes are pouring in, videos are shared in huge numbers and tweets are catching new fans [...]

Web development outsourcing
Technology Solutions
Key Considerations When Outsource Web Development Projects

Potential customers browsing through websites carry a lot of things back home, apart from inquiring about things of interest. Businesses [...]

Outsourcing Transcription Services
Data Management Blog
Enjoy the Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services

Entrepreneurs are willing to take bold steps, keeping organizational excellence and productivity into account. They encourage to invest in emerging [...]

human resource outsourcing
Control the Operations and Growth with Human Resource Outsourcing

The outsourcing sector has opened a wide door of opportunities for companies to avail the benefits they could have easily [...]

outsource to india
Top Signs Indicating You are Ready to Start Outsource to India

To get more work done with quality that is guaranteed and within a short period of time, outsource to India is [...]

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