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Blog » What Makes AMS360 Software a Must for the Insurance Agencies?

What Makes AMS360 Software a Must for the Insurance Agencies?

Last updated: 12 Sep, 2023 By | 6 Minutes Read

AMS360 Software

Vertafore AMS360 is one of the most advanced and cost-efficient software for insurance agencies of all sizes. AMS360 insurance software helps to streamline your work, improve productivity, provide a complete view of your business, and much more. Ultimately AMS 360 agency management software enables you to focus more on the customer by streamlining manual processes. Let’s dive into this well-elaborated post on AMS 360.

AMS360 is one of the most cost-effective and advanced agency management systems for medium and large-sized insurance agencies. It provides an apt solution for dealing with challenges like unverified accounting, manual process reliance, poor content management, and more.

It constitutes of robust tools and features that help in streamlining workflows, boost productivity, provide overall business view and stats, improve retention and renewals, etc.

AMS360 enables the insurance agencies to manage their clients well, reduce costs and time, and provide the opportunity to focus on their core business activities, along with improved employee work efficiency and unmatched customer relationship management.

How AMS360 Streamlines Insurance Processes?

AMS360 aids in streamlining the insurance processes which demand innumerable efforts and are time-consuming at the same time. These include managing the finances, customers, complex personal as well as commercial tasks perfectly through automation of manual processes.

It is designed in a way that enables it to meet the challenging work demands of the insurance agencies. With this software, you can gain access to detailed customer information in the form of alerts, notes, documents, renewal list, expiring policies, and more.

The hectic data entry task is reduced as once the data has been updated, the manual processing of data is replaced with automation with the help of this software. Customers can send the entire information related to their policies and personal details to be included in the system.

AMS360 Features

AMS360 has following features in a way that it lets you focus more on the business growth rather than management, maximizing your chances of profitability:-

Proficient Commercial Management

If you have clients as commercial lines, AMS360 will provide you with the option of handling everything effortlessly for them. From certificate management to submission, everything is sorted out perfectly, along with throughout maintenance of accuracy and value.

Plain Sailing Finance Management

Finance Management has always been an overwhelming task for the insurers. AMS360 lets you reduce the manual efforts and time spent on accounting and finance by offering solutions that are designed specifically to meet your needs.

Inflated Retention

The retention rate increases significantly with this software as automatic alerts do not leave any scope of renewal missouts. When this increased retention rate is aligned with new customer acquisition, the business growth simply manifolds.

Customer Centric

The workflow of the insurance agency can be integrated with AMS360, letting it take care of the imperative tasks. Now that you have saved a valuable amount of time, you can utilize the same for focusing on the adoption of innovative strategies for better customer experience and satisfaction.usi

Sole Sign-in

Remembering multiple sign-in details and signing in the same number of times appears troublesome. With AMS360, you get a common platform to sign-in, reducing sign-in efforts and saving time at large.

Integrating Technology

A strong APIs’ library lets you integrate various applications of your need seamlessly with your insurance agency’s management system. When you have all the required applications in one place, executing the insurance tasks become effortless.

Incorporating the Software Use

AMS360 has proved to be one of the best software as a service insurance software achieving worldwide recognition in no time. This software is not only robust in nature and distinctive in working, but also reliable at the same time. You get to connect with carriers, build immediate accounting, boost retention rates, and do a lot more.

AMS360 defines technology at its best. However, it is extremely essential that you have an in-house team who has the right skills and expertise to understand the nuances of using this software and get the maximum benefit out of its powerful features. Apart from this, it demands costs of infrastructure, hiring, along with hardware and software.

This is the reason most of the medium to large sized insurance agencies outsource their insurance processes. It not only saves costs and time but let the insurers focus on their core business activities for business growth and customer acquisition.

Moreover, the work quality improves significantly due to the expert access you gain through outsourcing, taking your insurance agency growth to the next level.

If you are also facing limitations while using AMS360 or unable to find people who can efficiently work on it, outsourcing some of your insurance processes to Cogneesol will help you out. To know more about how we can help you, call us at +1 646 688 2821 or mail us at [email protected].