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A Brief Overview of the Major Data Entry Services Suitable for Outsourcing

Last updated: 09 Mar, 2022 By | 6 Minutes Read

Proper data management is crucial for business enterprises. Business owners are trying their best to fulfill their data entry services in an effective manner. As data management is a continuous process, it requires dedicated efforts and availability of human resources.

But hiring in-house data entry and processing personnel can prove to be a costly affair for business enterprises. Outsourcing is an option which can be utilized by business organizations.

Main reasons behind outsourcing data entry services by business enterprises are:

Data entry is obviously not the main activity for commercial ventures, so owners are generally reluctant to make investments, related to infrastructure, technology, manpower etc., for this purpose. Moreover using in-house staff for productive activities is considered a wiser step. This can help in optimization of business profitability. Other advantages of hiring outsourced data management services are gaining access to accomplished data entry professionals, completion of tasks on time, cost cutting etc.

Various Types of Data Entry Services:

Data entry necessities could differ from one organization to other or from one industry to another. So while hiring data entry outsourcing companies, you should make sure that it suits your requirements. Below mentioned are some of the data entry functions which are ideal for outsourcing:

Bill/Invoice Processing – Industries like retail, real-estate, etc. can use outsourcing services for accounting functions. They can be linked to bills and invoice processing. By following these processes, the record of the finances can be easily maintained thus ensuring smooth capital flow.

Internet Research for data collection – Internet research is undertaken by business organizations for retrieving data and for usage in important business related to decisions. Data management companies offer expertize in data collection, maintain it in a systematic and customized format like charts, graphs etc. and update it regularly.

Check and Rebate Processing – Most of the outsourcing companies offer these services. These services are ideal for banks, financial institutions and credit card companies. By hiring such services, the protection of data will be ensured.

Data Cleansing – This function has become a necessity for most of the business organizations. Changing, updating, deleting data are regular functions. This function can easily be outsourced to data outsourcing companies.

E-Commerce Data Entry – E-commerce data entry is an important function offered by data management services to business organizations looking to market their e-commerce websites on the internet. Catalog data entry, catalog conversion by expert data entry professionals will ensure proper utilization of paper brochures, product catalogs, displaying products in an attractive manner and in the right categories.

Form Data Entry – Data entry service providers can place printed data into easy to read formats. By hiring the services of offshore outsourcing companies, you can ensure conversion of raw data posted at the end of the working hours into processed data by the next morning.

BIB Number Entry – These services are hired for events like marathons, cycling events, bike racing, motor racing etc. At these events, participants wear identification numbers. Accurate identification of participants can optimize the earnings of photographers.

Cogneesol is well known for offering excellent data management services to international clients. Following services are offered by Cogneesol:

• Administrative support
• Data entry
• Forms processing
• Transaction processing
• Data mining
• Data analysis
To know more, contact us at [email protected]

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