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Blog » 6 Reasons Why Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) Makes Sense

6 Reasons Why Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) Makes Sense

Last updated: 23 Jan, 2024 By | 6 Minutes Read

finance and accounting outsourcing
In the present business environment, there is cut-throat competition among a large number of business enterprises. To capture a fair share of the market segment,  concentrating on important revenue generation activities like marketing and customer relationship management. Every business has to perform certain financial and accounting functions which though important are not directly related to the revenue generation process. For finance and accounts process many business organizations are opting for accounting outsourcing services to allow their staff to concentrate on the more important activities. These outsourcing firms have also earned a good reputation throughout the world by offering excellent services.

Major Benefits Of Finance And Accounting Outsourcing Services

Better management of time

Time is of great value for small business organizations. The financial and accounting tasks are tedious in nature and involve a lot of time. In small-scale organizations, the employees feel fussy with workload, so by outsourcing finance and accounting, you can streamline processes. It

They can concentrate on more significant activities which are more fruitful for the organization. Moreover, if these tasks are assigned to the in-house team, then they will also require regular training which also involves a lot of time.

Save money

Outsourcing helps in saving money on payroll, infrastructure, and training of employees. Most of the outsourcing companies are based in developing nations like India and South Africa, which charge a lesser remuneration in comparison to local rates.

The saved money can be invested in the core activities leading to profit maximization.

Easier to handle

While outsourcing services, you have to follow only the contractual obligations. In the case of using in-house staff processes like recruitment, training, and retention have to be followed.

It is a matter of common sense, which process is easier to follow.

Access to the latest software

The finance and accounting outsourcing companies use the latest software like QuickBooks, and NetSuite, for performing the tasks assigned by clients.

So outsourcing enables commercial ventures to have access to the latest software without actually purchasing them.

Gain access to a proficient team

The third-party accounting firms use the services of accomplished personnel for performing the accounting and finance-related tasks of their clients.

Business organizations can have access to expert staff without actually hiring them and having to pay a regular salary.

Accurate and timely services

In small-scale enterprises, generally, a large number of employees are seated in a limited space. Performing accounting and financial tasks in such an environment could lead to mistakes. Outsourced firms are known for performing tasks in an accurate manner. Due to the difference in time zones, tasks assigned in the evening can be received incompletion by morning.

Bottom Line

There are innumerable advantages of outsourcing accounting costs. Right from cost-efficiency to flexibility and scaling in terms of employees, you can stay ahead of your competitors. Accounting is crucial for business success yet complex. This is why opting for outsourced services you can focus on running your business and let the expert do rest for you. By going through the above-mentioned points a business entrepreneur will be able to realize the importance of outsourced accounting services. But the final decision regarding using them or not remains in their hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO)?

Finance & Accounting Outsourcing, commonly known as FAO, is the practice of contracting out various financial and accounting tasks to third-party service providers. These tasks include bookkeeping, payroll processing, financial analysis, tax preparation, and more.

Why should a company consider FAO for its financial and accounting needs?

There are several reasons why FAO makes sense for businesses:

  • It can reduce operational costs.
  • It allows companies to tap into specialized expertise.
  • It enables businesses to focus on core operations.
  • It improves scalability and flexibility.
  • It ensures compliance with evolving regulations.
  • It provides access to advanced technology and automation tools.

These benefits collectively make FAO a smart choice for many organizations.

Can small and mid-sized businesses benefit from FAO, or is it primarily for larger corporations?

FAO is not exclusive to large corporations. In fact, it can be highly beneficial for small and mid-sized businesses. These organizations often have limited in-house resources and may not be able to afford full-time financial and accounting staff. That’s where FAO providers like Cogneesol can assist you. Get in touch with our expert team.

What are the potential risks associated with FAO, and how can they be mitigated?

While FAO offers numerous advantages, there are potential risks, such as data security concerns and the need for effective vendor management. To mitigate these risks, it’s crucial to choose a reputable FAO provider with robust security measures in place and establish clear communication and accountability structures. This is where Cogneesol comes in. Get in touch with our expert team today.