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4 Accounting Trends of Future to Watch Out

Last updated: 15 Nov, 2019 By | 6 Minutes Read

The Future is unpredictable…!!!  But our intuition about the future is linear. So when we talk about the impact of technology in the accounting sector, the very first question that comes to the mind of accountants is, how much capable they are to adopt these changes in technology in the coming year? And secondly, Which trend will have the biggest impact on the accounting firms as well as clients?

The industries are well versed with the fact that, “Reinventing is the key to success and the survival secret in this competitive market”, so to analyze how many industries are ready for the change, a poll was held in a conference to check out the ratio of these firms.

According to the results, only 18% firms said that they are “very well prepared” for the change. But, the reality of Information technology is exponential and that makes the profound difference in the business. Accounting is the key aspect of every business, if one needs to be successful in the market, the financial position of the business should be immaculate.

“If you take 30 steps linearly for your success, you get 30 but if you take 30 steps exponentially you can be a billionaire”, this much effective is accounting in the business firms.

Here are some of the trends in accounting work style that can make a big difference in the coming years:

Virtual accountants are experts 

We have to agree on this that behind every good business is a great accountant. Demand for accountants is increasing day by day and in the coming year, there’ll be a great challenge for accountants in the business industry.

Virtual accountants are experts who work remotely with your firm rather than working on the table or office. This has become a new trend in the accounting industry, again, it is a cost-effective solution, wherein your accountant will work on a contract basis according to your requirements. These accountants are highly qualified professionals who precisely work on your requirements and gives you the best possible solution that is viable for your firm.

Every cloud has a history 

Earlier, every accounting task in companies was managed on paper as it was the only option. A large number of documents made things complicated in business firms. But with cloud accounting software came the concept of “paperless work”. This software brought a dynamic change in the accounting sector. Those large numbers of documents that were stored in cupboards, are now stored in a small folder on your system and are accessible at one click.

Cloud-based accounting has eliminated the communication gap between the accountant of the company and the owner. Now they can easily chat with the help of the features in the accounting software and discuss the financial condition of the company. It gives easy access to the owners to verify their books of account from anywhere and at any time

One click, easy go 

Accounting has become very easy with the technology. Popular accounting software which is being introduced in the market is Quickbooks, Netsuite, Sage, Xero, etc.

These software have made the processes such as payroll processing, invoice processing, bookkeeping, financial reports, bank reconciliation, etc. easier as they were earlier handled separately and were time-consuming, but now everything can be done with one click and the data is entered in a format with appropriate calculations.

One of the commonly used software among businesses is Quickbooks by Intuit, it has great features and has proven as a viable solution for managing the business accounting functions, regardless of their sizes.

Master your strengths and outsource your weakness 

Outsourcing has become the biggest trend in the accounting sector. Whether your firm is big or small you can reap huge benefits by accounting outsourcing services and save your time and efforts.

Every business firm nowadays, especially, those in developed countries such as USA, UK, Canada, and Australia mostly prefer outsourcing accounting tasks to a reliable partner, so that they can focus on the core activities, rather than building a new department for accounting and increasing their expenses.

We cannot say what is going to happen next, but the businesses, are run on the basis of planned strategies and predictions. Development of the technology is a good sign, but do you really think that every industry is happy with this development?

It is a big question amongst accountants, accounting firms and businesses and the only answer is, If you want to succeed in this competitive market it has become a necessity to adapt to the changes and go with the flow.

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